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Wedding season is upon us!  We know that it’s important to you to have a unique and memorable experience for yourself and your guests.  While certain traditions for weddings tend to remain very similar, there are specific areas where you can make your own mark on the day.  One of the areas where you can do this is with your entertainment.



Your entertainment has the ability to make or break your big day.  As we all know, a great LIVE band and/or an entertaining DJ is a MUST.  However, in lieu of or in addition to your main musical entertainment during your reception, there are several options to make your wedding day even more unique and memorable.

1. DUELING PIANOS: Not only is this a GREAT form of entertainment for your reception, but this is a great way to get your guests engaged in your musical selection at your wedding!  Have guests give song suggestions on your wedding website or along with the RSVP on your invitation.


2. DANCERS: From Belly Dancers to Salsa Dancers, this is a great way to have some additional entertainment during a dancing and/or music break during dinner.  Dancers add an element of show and surprise to your reception and leave guests wanting to jump onto the dance floor for the rest of the reception.


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3. TRADITIONAL DANCERS: Several cultures have traditional dances that are performed during wedding ceremonies.  This is a great way to open up your guests to traditional practices of your family and/or culture.  This is a rich and entertaining experience for guests.


4. SOLO ACTS:  Having an outdoor wedding?  A firepit with a guitarist and lattes for the after-party to allow guests to sit back, relax, and catch-up after the reception.  There are several options for these ‘one-off’ moments throughout your wedding day.  A saxophonoist greeting guests as they enter your reception?

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5.  DJ & LIVE PERFORMER DUO: Percussionist or saxophonist alongside a DJ for a super chill vibe.  We love this idea for a ‘supper-club’ feel while guests dine or for an after-party!


Photo Credit: www.ohnikka.com

6. DJ TECH ENTERTAINMENT: This is one of the newest trends for DJ’s at events…the DJ touchscreen.  This is a GREAT way to get your guests excited about the DJ at your wedding.  Learn more about this option HERE.

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7. MINI-CONCERT: We believe in supporting local music and we know a lot of our brides and grooms do as well!  What if you knew you could hire your favorite local band to play a short concert at your wedding as a surprise guest?  It could be the band that played in the venue where you first met or had your first date.    It’s great to add a nostalgic piece to your day that the bride and groom can really enjoy along with their guests.


8. WALKABOUT ACTS: Have you decided upon a Gatsby/1920’s themed wedding?  Are you looking for something ‘masculine’ to add to your groom’s lounge or something impactful for your celebratory cigar smoking guests?  We have the perfect act for you to add to your reception… Cigar Girls.  The great thing about this act is they don’t necessarily have to carry cigars…their trays can carry hors d’oeuvres, candy, desserts…the possibilities are endless.

Food and Drink Awards 2013

9. CARICTURES / SILHOUETTE ARTIST:  Caricatures guarantee personalized, humorous entertainment.  Our silhouette artist is a great way to add some fun and art to your next special event. People love to watch artists ‘in action’, and your guests will have a great favor to take home to commemorate your wedding.


10.  MAGICIAN – Great addition to any after-party!  The magician can walk around and perform at tables or jump on-stage for a short act.


All of these performers and performances (as well as MANY more) are available through Entertainment Exchange.  You can see more options HERE or you can give us a call to see what other options are available.  We are happy to work with you on making your wedding a very unique and memorable experience!

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