9 Wedding Tasks You Can Complete From Home

Wedding planning is exciting but also takes a ton of energy and time. There will be times when you may want to take a break from planning your big day but still feel compelled to get things done. Check out these 9 wedding tasks you can complete from home so you can relax and still be productive. 

Plan Your Wedding Look

Start with something fun and inspirational – planning your wedding look. You can scroll through Instagram or browse on sites like Wedding Wire and Pinterest to find ideas for every aspect of your wedding, including wedding colors, dessert options, and special dance song ideas. If you are still early in the wedding planning process, you can also find guides that will help you to create the rest of your wedding checklist. 

Browse Through Wedding Dresses

Another home-friendly wedding activity is sifting through magazines and online boutiques to find tuxedos, wedding dresses, and accessories. While it may be overwhelming to look at hundreds of dresses and tuxedos, start with assessing the types of outfits and cuts that compliment your body type. If you are searching for tuxedos, keep your wedding colors in mind — some tuxedo colors look better with specific wedding color palettes. 

Coordinate with Your Wedding Planner

A light task that can prove beneficial in the long run is coordinating with your wedding planner via email to ask any necessary questions that have come to mind throughout the week. Grab the remote, turn on your favorite background TV show and dive into your emails. You can also review any updates your planner has sent and do additional research to give more context or clarity about your vision if necessary. 

Design Your Wedding Invites

With intuitive websites like Minted and The Knot, designing invitations and updating your wedding website should be pretty easy but a little time-consuming. Your downtime is the best time to design your wedding invites online or create your wedding website. You can use your time at home to play with different color schemes from your invitation design template or add photos to the wedding website. Use your at-home time well by doing some fun stuff and pulling your fianceé in to help write your love story together for the website. It may bring up old memories and help to remind you both of the reason you are planning your celebration. 

Determine Decorative Pieces And Tables

Another Pinterest-focused task – getting inspiration for table centerpieces. Seeing a visual of what your wedding reception tables could look like may give you a much-needed boost to complete the rest of your wedding tasks and make it to your special day. Think of your wedding colors, wedding theme, flower choices, and personal taste and research centerpiece displays that align with as many of those choices and preferences as possible. 

Create Your Food Menu

The food menu is an essential element of your wedding reception, and it may take a little time to make the final decisions on the meal courses, hors d’oeuvres, dessert, and wedding cake. You can sift through Pinterest boards or review your potential catering vendors’ menu options and budget submissions to determine your top 2-3 candidates. The only challenge with viewing menu options and seeing photos of tasty entrees is that you may get hungry! 

Create Your Must Have Reception Song List

As an entertainment agency, if we were planning a wedding, this would be our favorite part of the planning process – creating a must-have reception song list! There are several ways to approach choosing music for your wedding reception, but here are a few tips from our blog How to Make Perfect Party Playlist

  • Incorporate cultural elements – If you plan to incorporate cultural themes into your event, look for the special songs early on, especially if they are not as popular. You may have to do a deep dive or ask family and friends to give you recordings of the unique songs if they are not readily available on iTunes or Google Play. 
  • Make Sure You Have a Good Mix Styles – Versatility in the music is a must, no matter the occasion. If you have a mixed crowd, it would be wise to include Motown-era songs, line dances like the “Cha-Cha Slide,” and of course, current or Top 40 songs. It is fine to have a handful of your favorites, but you should leave room for your playlist to be versatile enough to ensure that everyone will have the opportunity to enjoy the night. 
  • If you hire entertainment, get their playlists – It is essential to mention that there are times when you may add other entertainment elements to your party. For instance, you may opt to hire dancers or a magician to entertain your guests. The entertainers may desire to have specific music played during the performance, so it is vital to communicate with the booking agent or vendor early on to have enough time to add the songs to your playlist. 

If you opt to hire a band or DJ, this will make your job easier because most bands give their clients a song list and allow them to choose favorites or songs to go on the “Don’t Play” List. DJs have a much longer list of songs, but you can also use this time to make additions to your “Must Play” or “Don’t Play” list.

Take Virtual Dance Lessons

Grab your laptop and dancing shoes and take virtual dance lessons to prepare to deliver your first dance without a misstep – literally! Many dance schools offer virtual classes to help couples who need a routine that will grab all guests’ attention during the wedding reception. Use this as an opportunity to be creative with your dance routine and watch videos of other special dances if you need inspiration. If you plan to add a few special steps to the Father-Daughter dance or Mother-Son dance, you can ask your parents to join the virtual dance classes from their homes as well. 

Decide Gifts for Bridesmaids

If you plan to offer gifts to your bridal party (which you should, big or small), you can use this time to review your wedding budget to allocate money to order sentimental items or personalized gifts. Grab a few ideas from blogs or call your bridal party to get an idea of what they may want or need and make a list. We’ve seen brides gift bridesmaids with monogrammed makeup bags, gift cards, and even jewelry. 

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