DJ Brian
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DJ Brian

“It’s obvious that you have a passion for your work and love what you do!” This is the comment I hear the most at the events at which I perform. The best part about this — it’s absolutely true! I do love what I do for a living. I’ve always loved people and music and have a fun sense of humor, so disc jockeying is a perfect fit. I basically party for a living and in the process, help other people have fun at events. What could be better?

I have thoroughly enjoyed all the different types of events I’ve done, which include weddings, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, corporate and private events. Over the years I have averaged 100 performances per year. Because of my varied experiences I’ve become very good at gauging or reading a crowd to know what music to play and keep them engaged as well as building additional momentum on the dance floor. Having a large music library that runs from the ‘30s to the present certainly helps in that respect.

I customize the details for each affair based on your preferences. I always bring the following types of music with me to every event: Rock ‘n Roll, Top 40, Alternative, Indie, Big Band and Swing, Motown, Dance, Country, Standards/Show Tunes, Soul, Disco and Funk, R&B and Hip-Hop, Slow Songs and Ballads, Ethnic-Jewish, Latin, etc. My experience reading a crowd dictates what if any, level of interaction is necessary to get them going. I’m one of the most outgoing, interactive DJ's in the business, and if any DJ can jump start a party, it’s me. Naturally that level is dictated by what you the client wants. That said in instances where the guests don’t seem to know how to get started I may get out on the dance floor to lead group and/or line dances, get groups of people singing on the mic or use my personality to help draw people out. In any case, this is all done in such a way as to not be obtrusive. It works!

A Stress-Free Experience
It can be stressful to plan an event. I want the event to be stress-free for my clients. I've performed at over 1,000 affairs so consider using my experience as a tool to make yours simpler, easier, and better. I can accomplish this by doing the following after you have hired me.

I call 3 months before the event to do some preliminary coordinating, earlier if you prefer.
I call again 3 weeks before the event to go over the entire flow of the affair. We discuss everything that will happen from cocktails to the last dance, I'll make suggestions or recommendations for what I’ve found works best.
I contact the venue the week of to coordinate my arrival and set up time, so you don't have to.
During the event, I will run the show from start to finish, based on the time line that you have provided and we have reviewed. I coordinate everything with all the other vendors you have working for you on site. It's your affair, you should expect to be able to eat, drink, dance and schmooze instead of worrying about what timing of comes next.
I also bring back-up equipment with me to every event – just in case!

I’d love the opportunity to talk with you about working together to create a “once in a lifetime” event for you and your guests.
  1. Aaron's Bar Mitzvah

    Overall Performance : Excellent

    Sound Level/Volume : Excellent

    Song Selection : Excellent

    Appearance : Excellent

    Personality : Excellent

    Cooperativeness : Excellent

    Rate the Agency:

    Was the Agency cooperative? Yes

    Would you hire again? Yes

    May we use you as a reference? Yes

    What is the date of your next event? October. 2016

    Comments/Suggestions : Brian and his dancers were FABULOUS!!!!!

    (The Entertainment Exchange post event survey. This client has Brian returning for Elyese’s bat mitzvah in October as noted.)

  2. Sam's Bar Mitzvah

    Brian is amazing. We loved his funny and edgy personality because it worked so well with our group and our family! He is an asset! We will refer others to him. We rate him as follows:

    Overall Performance : Excellent

    Sound Level/Volume : Good

    Song Selection : Excellent

    Appearance : Excellent

    Personality : Excellent

    Cooperativeness : Excellent

    (above via The Entertainment Exchange post event survey)

  3. Cheryl's wedding

    Brian handled the music perfectly for our event. What’s more, he coordinated with the folks at our wedding/reception site and with our other vendors from start to finish to ensure that the afternoon flowed. In sum, Brian ran the show just as we had hoped and planned!

  4. Jessica's Wedding

    Brian was very flexible with meetings and very easy to contact. He would email or call me back within 24 hours of when I had initially contacted him, which is important for a busy bride that needs things done ASAP!

    He described his normal reception flow (what happens when) and I was able to work with him to work every little detail into my timeline. Brian also suggested doing a dance that he would lead with some of the giveaways such as hats, glasses, party beads, etc. We chose to do the Blues Brothers routine with the dark glasses as the giveaway for the guests at the reception. He took a few of the guys in the Bridal Party aside during the reception, told them some basic dance moves, and led them all in a line along with the other guests at the reception and it was a HUGE HIT!! Those dances were some of the fun and awesome things that the guests remembered long after the wedding, saying it was the most fun and unique thing that they had ever experienced.
    Brian led the reception flawlessly with his phenomenal and friendly personality. He was so fun and got everyone dancing, which is exactly what we needed. His prices are very reasonable, although the show and service he provided was absolutely priceless!

  5. C.F. Bat Mitzvah

    Brian performs with all of his heart and energy. He made my shy daughter have a wonderful time feeling like the belle of the ball.

  6. S.A. Wedding

    Let me tell you, Brian made the night! He was awesome! I will have to send you pictures. All we have heard from our attendees was that we had the best wedding and our DJ kicked butt. Brian did a better job than I could have imagined. He really knows his calling in life!

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