Why You Should Use Your Planner and Venue’s Preferred Vendor List


Planning a wedding or event can be dually exciting and cumbersome. There are so many decisions to make so if you’re lucky enough to be able to afford an event planner, take advantage of every benefit they have to offer including the utilization of their Preferred Vendor List. This list is a lineup of the best and most reliable vendors in the area. Event planners and venues compile these lists each year and offer them to clients to ease the decision-process of booking florists, photographers, caterers and of course – entertainment acts.

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Understandably many critics encourage people to go outside of a Preferred Vendor List to explore more budget-friendly options. It is also inferred that some vendors make the list by offering “kickbacks” to event planners and venues. While it is true that there are award-based referral programs, seasoned industry professionals aren’t willing to refer a lackluster vendor to make a quick buck – they will lose out on BIG bucks down the line if their reputation is destroyed through this practice. That said, in most cases, your event planner and venue will always refer the best vendors – your happiness (and referral) is much more important in the long run.

Here are a few more reasons why you should use a Preferred Vendors List:

Working Relationships

A Preferred Vendor List usually showcases vendors the planner has had experience with the past. If you like the working-style for your planner, you will most likely love the businesses they refer. There is a synergy that is formed after working with some of the same people in the event planning industry. Simple things like the event timeline, attire and the overall look and feel of an event are easier to communicate through a planner and their preferred colleagues.

Get the Freebies

Special requests and even the ability to do a test run with certain vendors can be arranged through the relationship between vendors and planners. Vendors trust planners they’ve worked with in the past and are a little keener on offering some “freebies” because they know the long-term benefits. If a caterer is going to offer free food samples or if a band opens their rehearsal to a potential client, they will be more willing to do it through an event planner versus a client they do not know.

Talk to your planner in advance about their recommendations and thoughts on vendors for your big day. If you already have some of your vendors booked before you get an event planner or book your venue, you can still share the information with your planner and they may be able to offer intel on that vendor from their connections within the industry. Regardless of the route you choose, remember to connect your vendors with your planner early to ensure clear lines of communication between all parties. This will always support your goal to have an amazing event after it is all said and done.  




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