Why You Should Hire A Wedding Planner

When the internet has a guide for just about anything, it is typical to think that you can plan your own wedding. Pinterest boards and wedding blogs are rich with information and “Do’s” and “Don’t” lists, and because this is your special day, we are sure you’re confident in being able to bring the vision for your big day alive. Unfortunately, even with the best intentions, planning a wedding without an experienced professional can be a little harder than you think. And although a wedding planner costs money, trying to execute a wedding without a wedding planner can cost you more in the long run. Wondering if you fall into the category of couples that should get the guidance of an experienced professional? Here are some of the top reasons why you should hire a wedding planner:
Peace of Mind During the Planning Process

A wedding is intended to be a beautiful celebration for a couple who has decided to “do life together forever.” A wedding can also be one of the most expensive expenditures in a person’s life. To date, the average wedding costs $30,000, and those are 30,000 reasons to be worried and anxious. Hiring a wedding planner is one of the best ways to gain peace of mind during the wedding planning process. A wedding planner can bring your wedding planning process an elevated level of experience and organization, and you will also have increased access to specific vendors and services. It is almost like having a built-in concierge service to assist you every step of the way. 

Consider that your wedding planning process can last anywhere between six to eighteen months, and in the midst of the planning process, you will have to still manage your life and adjust to the other factors that will be impacted by your nuptials. Think marriage counseling, bridal showers, bachelor/bachelorette parties, and possibly moving to a new home — all other things you can direct your focus towards. Not to mention – you still have to work to pay your bills and pay for this wedding! That is a lot in a short amount of time, and it is best to offload as much as you can, especially when a wedding planner’s job is literally to plan weddings every day. Allow a wedding planner to help you to enjoy the wedding day without stress.

They’ll Bring Your Wedding Day Vision to Life

Wedding planners are experts when it comes to hearing a couple’s ideas and bringing them to life. They can also bring your vision back down to earth if you’ve gone too far away from feasibility and budget. Usually, the first (and most important) task is finding your wedding venue. We highly recommend hiring a wedding planner and having them help you find the site. Suppose you have your heart set on a specific place or location. After hearing your ideas for the wedding, the planner may be able to locate a place you haven’t considered if your venue is too expensive or unavailable for your desired wedding date. A planner can also offer décor ideas and simplify your wedding’s flow to give you your desired outcome without breaking the bank or letting your event drag on or be unorganized. Your big day will be a breeze, and the affair will be what you envisioned it would be – or better.
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Wedding Planners Save the Day and Save Money

Although there is a price tag attached to using a wedding planner, wedding planners can save the day and save money unbeknownst to many. While you may feel you have everything under control ahead of time, on the day of the wedding, you should be preoccupied with enjoying all of the details of your day, not trying to manage the florist being late. A planner can address issues that arise and know which ones to bother you with and which ones to handle without giving you a panic attack. If you have many moving parts, a wedding planner usually has an assistant or a few staff members to assist with covering all bases. 

They can help you to stick to your budget. 

You may have caviar dreams with a hotdog budget, but a wedding planner can help you land on what we call “Salmon Island.” When executed and presented well, salmon is tasty and classy, and in some cases, tastes better than caviar and hotdogs! The point is, a wedding planner will be privy to your vision and budget, which will allow them to help you to stay on course so you won’t overspend or be let down with the end-results. If you work with a planner at the beginning of the process, it is easier for them to accomplish, helping you stick to your budget. Be honest about your budget and expectations and allow them to work things out in your favor.


Connections with Other Wedding Vendors

Having connections with other wedding vendors is such a great benefit. Because of their work nature and the frequency in which they interact, wedding planners have access to all types of vendors. There are tons of perks to a planner maintaining ongoing relationships with vendors. At Entertainment Exchange, we regularly host band showcases, and the planners we periodically collaborate with are the first to know about these exclusive events. Planners also keep up with various wedding trends and industry changes that may impact your bottom line. 

Wedding vendors prefer to work with wedding planners when they can as well. There is an industry language and level of understanding that vendors use that you may not be privy to as a client. Overall, most wedding vendors prefer to work with a wedding planner because it makes their overall experience better. Executive Chef and CEO of Talk of Di Town Catering Justin Bush says, “Every person needs a wedding planner because there are so many fine details that can be missed on the day of the wedding. While the bride and groom’s intentions may be to keep up with everything, it is almost impossible to do this and still enjoy your big day. Without a planner, you can miss the moment.

Keeps You on Schedule

A flawless wedding day is dependent upon all of the components working together promptly. The ceremony running late will make the caterer run late or have to reheat food, which is obviously not preferred. Utilizing a wedding planner keeps you on schedule so that you can avoid issues like this. Not only do you want to ensure your guests aren’t waiting around for hours or grumbling because they are hungry, running behind can cost you a lot of money with vendors. Most venues and the majority of vendors charge fees if they have to stay late because your wedding is running behind. Your wedding planner will anticipate things running late and cultivate a Plan A, Plan B, and Plan C if things aren’t working out. Having someone on the ground who can respond to issues and delays is necessary to ensure your wedding runs on time.

Hiring a wedding planner may seem like it is a luxury, but it is really a necessity. If you are still worried about how you can work hiring a planner into your budget, you can always hire a day-of coordinator. A day-of coordinator can cut down on costs while still offering you some of the perks of having a point of contact throughout the day. A day-of coordinator is also a more economical choice and happy medium; however, if you can afford to squeeze a few more pennies out of your budget or cut costs in other areas to fit in a wedding planner, we highly recommend it. Having a wedding planner is a surefire way to ensure your big day goes off without a hitch.

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