Why you Should Get a Photo Booth for Your Wedding

Capturing photos has always been a significant part of planning a wedding or special event. Everyone wants to have a piece of their special day to remember forever. Many couples and event planners hire professional photographers to ensure that they can capture high-quality images; however, couples still desire to catch a few fun and impromptu wedding memories. The popular choice (over the past 10 years) has been to rent a photo booth. If you’ve ever walked inside of a mall or visited an arcade, you have probably asked your friends and family to pack themselves inside of the booth and snap away. People make funny faces or kiss in photo booth photos to show themselves in a way we may never see them. It’s always fun to see people who are ordinarily professional or “put together” do something weird, funny, or relatable, and a photo booth offers that opportunity. Even the former President and First Lady can’t help not stopping by a photo booth at a party!

Why You Should Get a Photo Booth at Your Wedding

Everyone loves a good group selfie when they’re having a good time at an event or wedding. Even celebrities are incorporating photo booths at even some of the most high-end weddings and galas. Reasons why? Photo booths serve as great entertainment, make great memories, and are suitable for all ages to really get the party going! 

They Serve as Great Entertainment!

Even when you have elegant decor, hire a great band, and serve delectable food options, guests can eventually get bored during a 3-4 hour event. They also may need a break or a way to engage and connect with other guests throughout the night. Most weddings have moments when the excitement may dwindle, and you need ways to keep guests entertained and engaged during those times. Examples are during the cocktail hour when the professional photos are being taken immediately after the ceremony. Photo booths are perfect for this time because guests can meet new people, get reacquainted with old friends, and do something different (like take goofy photos together) while they wait.

They Make Great Memories!

Renting a photo booth is such an excellent opportunity to create great memories during your wedding. Most photo booth rental companies offer guests the option to print multiple copies of the photos so everyone can keep a copy, including the bride and groom. You can also use copies of these photos for your photo album. 

A Photo Booth is Social Media-Ready

Many photo booths have a WiFi option for guests, which allows them to upload pictures to their social media accounts during the wedding. Your photo booth attendant can also use this time to remind guests to use your wedding hashtag, which is another excellent way to encapsulate your big day – especially when you cannot be everywhere the entire time to see what’s going on. After your wedding, you can view your personalized hashtag or browse through your photo booth scrapbook to see moments you would have otherwise missed, which is always a pleasant surprise!



You Can Achieve High-Quality Results

Photos from the photo booth can also serve as additional wedding party favors for guests. You can get high-quality results by renting a photo booth, and here’s why: ForeverBride.com reminded us that guests will love the opportunity to have professional photos with great lighting.


“Your guests will truly love the opportunity to get their picture taken with nice lighting and a better camera than their outdated iPhone or Android. Usually, the photo booth operator uses a camera that’s as good of quality as your wedding photographer! If the photo booth you choose doesn’t come with an assistant, your guests will still appreciate an area sectioned off where they can place their iPhones and utilize the staging, lights, and props to help document themselves all dolled up. We guarantee a photo booth will definitely draw your guests in, and we can almost guarantee you’ll have a few people thanking you for the free “professional” pictures!” — ForeverBride.com

It’s Suitable for All Ages 

Making great memories for all wedding guests is so important. As we mentioned before, a photo booth rental will offer a fun break for your wedding guests, but it is also one of the elements of an appropriate wedding for all ages. Elderly guests like grandparents will appreciate capturing fun moments with their family members in a printed photo’s physical form. A photo booth with fun props can also be a fun way to get the party going with guests who wouldn’t usually loosen up. You can set up a table next to the photo booth with silly props like wigs, large sunglasses, and signs, and everyone will enjoy seeing themselves let loose in the form of a photo.

It Can Get the Party Started and Serve as a Fun Break

A photo booth can really get the party going by helping guests relax and socialize. Guests may be initially apprehensive about dancing, drinking, or playing fun wedding games, especially if you have a mixed crowd. If you have the photo booth available during the cocktail hour, it can serve as a way to break the ice for guests. Wedding guests may start by taking pictures of themselves with people they know, but later may be more prone to take photos with strangers or people they just began to socialize with that night. People may also use it to meet up to have a quick conversation and be away from the noise of the main room. The photo booth can serve as a fun break during the wedding as well. If everyone has been dancing all night long, they may want a quick breather without losing the party’s momentum. Coming from the bathroom but not quite ready to go back onto the dance floor? The photo booth is an excellent
transitional point.


Location is Key

We recommend putting the photo booth near an exit or by the bathrooms. This ensures that everyone (at some point of the night) will see the photo booth and get a chance to take photos. You want to make sure the location is central because if it’s near a dark corner, people may never get a chance to even see it, and it would be a waste of money. Guests may be a little bashful if the photo booth is near a spotlight area as well. For example, a spot near the newlywed’s sweetheart table or at a central focal point of the room may be a little intimidating for shy guests. Some folks may not want to be seen by everyone if they’re going to have to line up to take a photo. The dessert table area is a nice place to consider setting up a photo booth. People’s sweet tooth may flare up at the end of the night, and when they see the photo booth, they may want to make a second or third visit.


Renting a photo booth for your wedding is an easy solution to creating a seamless flow and excellent atmosphere for wedding guests of all ages and walks of life.


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