Why is Lighting so Important for Your Special Events?

Attention to detail is a key element to producing a memorable event. Even when you’re on a tight budget, it is important to use proven tips and tools to help you to pull your vision together. Whether your aim is to host an elegant affair or create the atmosphere for a whimsical wedding, lighting will always be one of the age-old tricks that planners and event decorators use to create a beautiful ambiance and to set the tone of how they want guests to remember the event. 

Lighting is often overlooked and sometimes undervalued when planning an event. What most people don’t realize is that lighting is one of the most important and economical ways to decorate an event. If you’re thinking about the cost, it will definitely depend on the size of the space where you are hosting your event. It also depends on whether you decide to use the additional options available like giant LED letters or GOBO logo projections. Your lighting package can range from $500 – $2500, but before we dig into price, we will answer the question – why is lighting so important for your special event?

Lighting Draws Attention to Where You Want Guests to Focus

Lighting has the ability to bring attention to details and you get to choose which details deserve to get a little more attention. EventManagerBlog.com offers ideas for some of the most amazing lighting effects and each of them has the ability to highlight different things. To start, the GOBO light is always popular for special corporate events. A “Gobo” light is short for “Go Between Optics” and this particular light has the ability to project an image or pattern. Think of the Batman light in the sky – except you can put your company or product’s logo in the sky…or on the wall. Some newly married couples opt to use custom monogram lighting to highlight their initials during the wedding reception. The options are endless but just know that lighting has the ability to reinforce brand presence. If you’re hosting a corporate event, we definitely recommend using brand-focused lighting options.

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Remember that it is also important to highlight the best areas of your venue. If you’re hosting a wedding or special event at a rural or historical location, consider that there may be areas in the venue that should NOT be highlighted. Peeling paint and dated upholstery on the furniture can already be an eyesore to guests. It makes it worse if you choose lighting that accents those areas and because of this, we recommend doing a thorough walkthrough with your team. Your team should include a lighting technician and Entertainment Exchange works with some of the top lighting professionals in the industry. Having an expert on your team gives you an advantage over most because after years of experience, you will likely run into someone who has provided lighting services at your venue in the past. They can also gauge the room to offer solutions you may not have considered on your own. Ultimately, lighting professionals can assist with helping you to draw attention to the finest elements of your event. 

Enhances the Mood

TSGWeddings.com describes the use of lighting in a way we love:

If you’ve never seen the way lighting transforms an event space, it’ll truly take your breath away. Adding accents, highlights, or color brings life, vibrancy, and excitement into any venue.  It can completely change not only the look, but the entire feel of your event.”

Image Courtesy of Entertainment Exchange

Whether you’re planning a romantic moonlit wedding or a high-powered dance party, lighting sets the tone for how your guests will (or should) end up feeling throughout the night. Lighting enhances the mood, but take heed that the wrong lighting can send the wrong message to your guests. Imagine attending an intimate nighttime wedding and as you step into the venue, there are flashes of vivid red and blue uplights rotating across the walls. Now imagine going to the same intimate nighttime wedding and as you step into the venue, there are warm off-white lights illuminating the pillars throughout the venue space. I think we can agree the latter option would be a better choice to set the tone for that intimate nighttime wedding. Enhancing the mood then encourages the audience to interact and be more social, which brings us to the next point – lighting encourages social sharing!

Encourages Social Sharing

Social media is such a huge part of popular culture and it’s always a plus when guests decide to post highlights of an event on their Instagram or Facebook profiles. If you’re hosting a corporate event, a great social media post can help to widen your brand’s reach and if you’re doing a private event, it allows guests to capture memories that can last a lifetime. Anyone who has a smartphone knows that angles and lighting are key to taking the best photos. What better way to encourage social sharing by taking care of one of those elements and providing great lighting for guests? Great lighting offers guests the opportunity to capture beautiful photos to post online. An extra treat? If you’ve hired a photographer for the event they will appreciate the extra boost of great lighting as well. 

Attendee Safety & Security

The final benefit of investing in lighting during a special event is that it can provide safety and security for guests. If your event starts in the late afternoon but ends at night, guests have to navigate being able to leave the venue and getting to their cars. Lighting can also serve as a “trail” for guests to find other areas of the venue like the restroom or exits. 

Considering all of these factors, it is easy to see why we advocate for lighting as must-have for special occasions. Great lighting is a perfect addition to any event – from a black-tie gala to an outdoor beachfront wedding. Work with a lighting specialist to illuminate your event- literally! 

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