What’s Your Wedding Entertainment Style?Wedding Entertainment Style

You’re either anxious or thrilled to choose your wedding entertainment. When it comes to booking the professionals that will set the tone for your big day, there are some decisions you’ll need to make with your partner to find the right entertainment style that feels like you, but also creates an enjoyable experience for your guests.

To help you with this process, we’ve broken it down into four questions so you can easily find your wedding entertainment style and book the groups that will shape the wedding of your dreams.


Step 1: What restrictions or opportunities does the venue provide?

One factor we suggest starting with? Your venues. Some entertainment styles will work better (or won’t work at all) in certain venues and it’s important to consider the venue’s vibe, acoustics and overall space as you narrow down options. For example, a full band may simply not fit when you add in a dance floor and tables.


Step 2: What is your personal music style?

To stay true to yourself and you as a couple, you must also consider your own music style. If you don’t enjoy classical music, then don’t have a string quartet play at the ceremony! Do you like more up-tempo party music or nostalgic tunes? As you hear a song that you love, add it to your own playlist so by the time you start looking for entertainment, you have somewhere to start.


Step 3: What vibe do you want to create for the reception?

When it comes down to choosing your entertainment style for the reception, ask yourself if you want background music or dance music. Think back on your past experiences: Did you enjoy weddings with a band or weddings with a DJ? Event elements such as the number of guests, event space and budget have evolved new ways of entertaining your guests so consider a booking agency that factors all of that in from the beginning.


Step 4: Do you want to stand out and do something different?

Are you looking to make a statement and want alternative ideas? Hiring an impersonator or a magician is always a fun addition to a wedding. Make your guests laugh, stay entertained and keep the energy high with a pinata, a caricature artist or a variety act.  


Once you’ve answered those four questions, you’ll have your shortlist and can start narrowing down your options. If you’re overwhelmed, Entertainment Exchange has a comprehensive set of event planning resources along with a robust list of entertainers and artists that will set the perfect mood for your wedding.

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