What Couples want from a Wedding Venue

Finding the perfect wedding venue is one of the first tasks for a couple within the wedding planning process. A couple’s choice of venue is an integral element because it impacts every other component of a wedding ceremony and reception. While every couple is different when it comes to their wedding needs, there are a few things that all couples want from their wedding venue. Read about some of the most important things couples want from a wedding venue:

Couples Want To Stay Within Budget

There are areas in which a couple may be willing to be flexible when planning a wedding. Food options and bridal party members are usually negotiable, but the budget is not negotiable more times than not. Most couples want to have the wedding of their dreams but want to avoid falling into debt to achieve their dream wedding. Because of this, wedding venues should aim to be upfront with their clients about their budgets and the realistic stretch of their budgets. 

Providing clients with a contract that discloses any hidden fees alongside the base price ensures that there are no surprises and that the couple can actually afford the venue. This creates a level of trust with the client and helps counter too much back and forth later on down the line. Some clients may be deal-seekers or are just working from a smaller budget, but this is a benefit for both parties because this may be an opportunity for the venue manager to create custom packages, book further out or allow the venue to book on “off days” like Thursdays or Sunday evenings. In these instances, couples may also be looking for all-inclusive venues that include elements in their pricing such as catering, decor, DJ’s and more. 

Couples Want All The Facts Up Front

Budgeting is the main reason couples want all the facts on a venue upfront, but it is not the only reason. Couples can get creative with their decor and theme for the wedding and may want to add special performances to make their ceremony unique. This is why venues should be upfront about any limitations or restrictions so couples can plan and adjust accordingly and in a timely manner. Strict cut-off times, alcohol restrictions, and limitations on prop usage or size could be possible deal breakers for couples, so being upfront about these details allows couples to voice their concerns or open the floor to discuss potential accommodations. Couples should feel confident and comfortable when signing their venue contract, and providing them with vital information early on can ensure this comfortability. 

Couples Want Resources to Make the Planning Process Easier

 Planning a wedding can be a stressful task for anyone. Couples have to consider their theme, book entertainment, choose a menu for the reception, cultivate a guest list, and so much more. Anything that can help ease the wedding planning process is often welcomed. Venues that provide or suggest resources can help couples and wedding planners tremendously and help build a relationship. Years ago, the wedding industry started to promote “Preferred Vendor Lists,” where venues would provide potential clients with a list of top vendors based on the venue’s relationships or past experiences. Entertainment has been featured on several east coast wedding vendor lists to provide a reliable band or DJ options. We also help many venues with production options like lights, photography, videography, etc.

A couple will appreciate and even be impressed by a venue’s ability to take some of the weight off their shoulders and give them one less thing to worry about for their big day.    

Couples Want to Make an Entrance

The wedding day is all about the couple and making an entrance is one way that the couple can ensure that all eyes are on them. Offering unique ways to arrive and leave their wedding venues, such as carriages, fancy limos, luxury cars, or even a helicopter, are just a few examples of how couples can make an entrance.  

Making an entrance, however, does not stop at the transportation. The atmosphere of the venue the couple is walking into makes an impression on their entrance. Having the right audiovisual and lighting can create a magical and memorable entrance for the couple.    

Couples Want Wedding Venue Site Tours to Paint a Picture

The wedding venue is where the couple becomes one as they profess and vow their love to one another in front of their family and friends. Painting a picture during a site tour is very important because couples need to imagine and see themselves sharing their special moment in this space. Some couples come to the table with a clear theme and know their vision for their ceremony. Other couples come in and have no idea of anything they want to happen outside of knowing they want to get married. In either case, painting a clear picture of the venue space and all the possibilities that the room can offer the couple can help seal the deal and confirm or convince the couple that this is the right venue for them.

Couples Need Technology Options

With all the adjustments the wedding industry had to make due to the COVID-19 pandemic, technology, and virtual options have opened up endless possibilities for venues as well. Heightened use of video technology allows couples to broaden their options when it comes to selecting venues, especially for out-of-town clients and guests. Being able to Zoom or Facetime someone and receive a tour of a venue without having actually to pay for travel and physically go to the location lets couples consider options they might otherwise overlook. The same technology offerings help seal the deal for couples who need to use video to stream their ceremonies for out-of-town attendees.

On another note, the venue manager must work a little harder to paint a picture during the walkthrough. The couple won’t get a complete idea of the space, so the venue has to really sell itself and all of its amenities through a phone or laptop.  

Couples Want Options for Easy Transportation

 Although the day is primarily focused on the couple getting married, a fair amount of time is put into accommodating and entertaining guests during the nuptials as well. Wise and well-advised couples will avoid confusion or hassle with anything concerning their guests. This is inclusive of offering easy transportation options for guests since attendees may have varying transportation requirements. An ideal wedding venue will have ample parking, access to parking nearby, or valet. If the venue does not have any of these accommodations, many venues will have a list of shuttle bus companies that can offer additional transportation offerings for guests. The last thing a couple wants is for a guest to miss a part of their ceremony because the venue’s parking or transportation was a hassle.  

Couples Want Guests to Gush About the Experience

Couples want a memorable and happy experience for everyone! The goal is to host a wedding with memories guests will share for years to come, so having unique elements to make the event stand out is essential for couples. Having high-quality decorations and exciting entertainment are two aspects of the wedding ceremony that guests will gush about when executed successfully; however, these are not the only two aspects of the ceremony that can impress guests. Space to rent interactive elements like a photo booth or a video station where guests can leave video messages for the couple can really enhance the guest experience.  


Guests can also gush about a wedding just from it being successful. Couples invite guests to witness their love and to be part of their special day, so when the overall ceremony goes off without a hitch and exudes the love that the couple has for one another, guests will gush about the experience. Everyone wants to see the newly married couple happy and enjoying themselves.


Couples Want Unbeatable Extra Perks


When it comes to weddings, couples typically want the most that they can get out of their budget. Anything added or extra that can be included in their ceremony are things couples may look for when planning. Packages, where they can get a percentage off the price if they book both production and entertainment with the same company, is one example. Getting deals on flights for the honeymoon or room upgrades and special prices for honeymoon suites are another example. Some venues find ways to offer spa treatments or excursions for the couple as a “Thank You” for utilizing the venue. 

Outside of the honeymoon perks, venues can offer the couple free lunch while conducting the on-site planning sessions or sponsor special drinks and champagne for pre-wedding events like the rehearsal dinner. Things like this make couples feel like they are essential and increase the anticipation of utilizing the venue. 

The whole point of a venue accommodating a couple is to give them a great experience to tell others, which can turn into new future bookings. At the end of the day, couples want customization, ease of use, and happy memories! 






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