Wedding Trends and Themes of 2018

2018 – It is a little past the start of the new year, but still early enough to catch the hot trends. Sheer clothing, sparkles, or bold colors and patterns are all making an appearance, and you want to make sure you are keeping up with all that is new. When the topic of planning a wedding (yours or a friend’s) comes up, it is essential to choose a theme to have everything coordinate, no matter how large or small. From the venue, food, to the entertainment, you want to make sure everything is flawless. Below is a list of some trending themes, descriptions, and ideas of how to carry them out in the best way possible.

Brunch weddings

Not the typical themed wedding you see everyday, but a memorable one nonetheless. Why not incorporate the most important meal of the day into your wedding? A typical brunch ceremony would start in the morning, and the reception following would include brunch classics: omelets, French toast, pancakes, crepes, croissants, smoked salmon, and fresh fruit to name a couple. It can also feature specialty brunch cocktails: mimosas, bellinis, and bloody marys. The Knot recommends having a casual and morning wedding for this theme. Check out this page if you want to learn more about how to execute a proper brunch wedding reception.

Brunch Theme - Wedding Trend and Theme of 2018

Sustainable theme

2018 is all about saving the earth: reduce, reuse, recycle. While weddings typically are a very wasteful event, there are plenty of ways to conserve materials, decorations, and giveaways. This isn’t just a hipster trend-green is back and better! Decorate your day with beautiful flowers and plants, and celebrate with a tribute to nature. For your escort cards, you could use coffee grind bags, or biodegradable seed packets to coordinate with the theme and give your guests something to bring home to remember how much fun they had.

Sustainable Theme - Wedding Trend and Theme of 2018

Industrial theme

What better way to commemorate your wedding day than to tribute it to a more hipster feel? A new spin to a rustic theme: industrial. Combining glass, wood, and different kinds of metal creates a vintage feel that will. This theme is a mix out-of-the box and anything-goes, meaning it is original and there is no strict guideline of how to execute it. Since it is so broad, we have searched the web to help you find ideas for how to plan an industrial themed wedding.

Industrial Theme - Wedding Trend and Theme of 2018

Woodland weddings

Have you always imagined a wedding out of a storybook? If so, the woodland wedding theme is suited just for you. Once upon a time you dreamed of your wedding taking place in an enchanted forest on a beautiful, sunny day in the spring or summer. This aesthetic would be perfectly complimented with twinkle lights surrounding the venue, as well as having succulents as an escort card. If you are a fan of fairytales and finding your happily ever after, this theme will translate your fantasy into a reality.

Woodland Theme - Wedding Trend and Theme of 2018


Destination and winter weddings are recently all the rave. Having a small, intimate, wedding with your loved ones in an exotic place is extremely exciting and memorable. Additionally, an all white wedding on a mountain covered in snow may have your guests a little cold, but they are sure to feel warm and fuzzy on the inside. Evaluate all your options of unique destinations to plan your wedding and make It the party of a lifetime.

Seasonal/Destination Theme - Wedding Trend and Theme of 2018

No matter your theme, make sure to stay ahead and plan everything in advance. If you are wondering about ideas for your entertainment for the night, be sure to contact Entertainment Exchange to look at all your options and get a quote!

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