Should You Purchase Wedding Liability Insurance?

wedding liability insuranceAfter a few very serious events in the special event industry over the last ten years, many wedding professionals are now purchasing liability insurance to cover themselves if something happens at your wedding.  But what about you — the happy couple? Are you covered? While no couple wants to think about disaster striking on their perfect day, wedding insurance can protect you from the unexpected — such as weather, last minute cancellations, stolen wedding gifts, injuries, or even a damaged wedding gown.

With so much money and so many sleepless nights invested in the big day, an investment of a few hundred dollars for a liability policy can ease everyone’s minds.  Many insurance companies offer event policies that cover weddings. With a wedding insurance policy, you can recoup costs if something spoils the wedding or forces the couple to cancel it.

A standard wedding insurance policy typically covers a postponement or cancellation due to bad weather, vendor no-shows, or if the bride, groom, or their parents are injured or sick. Additionally, some policies offer coverage if the bride or groom is called into military service, forcing the wedding to be postponed.

So who is covered?  Wedding insurance policies cover the bride and groom automatically. If the person named on the contract with the venue is someone other than the bride or groom (for example, the father of the bride), it’s recommended the policy be purchased under that person’s name.  Usually, vendors are not allowed to be added to policies because they usually carry their own liability insurance.

Ask your wedding professional about purchasing a one-day liability policy for your event. But before buying one, ask each of your vendors if they already have their own insurance and what is covered.  You should also find out how much liability coverage your homeowner’s insurance policy provides and whether it applies to wedding events. Then you can determine where you need additional coverage.  While wedding liability insurance doesn’t guarantee a perfect day, a one-day policy does offer you peace of mind so you can focus on what’s most important — each other.

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