Joyous Voices Carolers
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Joyous Voices Carolers

Since 1996 Joyous Voices has been helping their clients get in and celebrate the holiday spirit. Professional carolers are a perfect welcome to your holiday party greeting guests with seasonal music beautifully sung… Brightly costumed performers inspire a merry mood, dressed in Dickens-era recreations…
Concert-quality a cappella quartets deliver gorgeous arrangements of everybody’s favorite classics…

We spread holiday cheer to all, whether for intimate company or public gatherings.

JOYOUS VOICES will customize to suit your entertainment needs:

*versatile strolling to enliven the largest crowd;

*sing- and play-a-long numbers to amuse your guests;

*children’s sets to divert the youngest reveler; and

*breath-taking four-part show stoppers performed on your sound system.

With over four hours of repertoire music we happily entertain requests. Our international program includes music that is wonderfully familiar and yet charmingly unique.
Joyous Voices
  1. Public Performance

    “We were more than pleased with JOYOUS VOICES- we were exuberant! The added character of the carolers made the Mall festive and joyous…”
    -Melia Adams

  2. reception

    “You all are a joy! What beautiful voices! Such music you make. Thank you!”
    -Monta Lee, Ritz-Carlton guest

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