Please browse through some of our suggested look-a-likes below then contact us for pricing options and availability. I you don't see what you are looking for in this list please contact us and let us know, we most likely have it!

Impersonators & Characters

Abraham Lincoln
Alan Alda
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Austin Powers
Barrack Obama
Baseball Players
Benjamin Franklin
Bill Clinton
Bret Michaels
Candy Shoppe Workers
Car Hop
Carol Channing
Charlie Chaplin
Cigar Gals
Dame Edna
Darth Vader
David Letterman
Dick Cheney
Dr. Evil
Ebeneezer Scrooge
Elvis Presley
Franklin D. Roosevelt
George W. Bush
George Washington
Harriet Tubman
Holiday Characters
I Love Lucy
I Love Lucy Cast
Indiana Jones
Jack Sparrow
James Bond
Joan Rivers
John Wayne
Laurel and Hardy
Marilyn Monroe
Marx Brothers
Merlin the Wizard
Michael Jackson
Nicole Kidman
Palace Guard
Radar O'Reilly
Ray Charles
Ricky Martin
Rodney Dangerfield
Sarah Palin
Shrek and Fiona
Singing Telegrams
Snooki and Pauly D
Sonny and Cher
The Three Stooges
Toy Soldier
Vegas Show Girl
Whitney Houston
Whoopi Goldberg
Willy Wonka

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