Karen Carbone

Karen Carbone

Take your party to the next level - kick up the evening with a hora loca! Hora local translates from Spanish into "Crazy Hour." Want to start your evening on a high note? Load the dance floor following the special dances at a wedding with our performers. Prefer to inject some adrenaline towards the end? Then recharge and close your evening with a bang, one that guests, venue staff, and your guests will never forget! Whether you use a single dancer and drummer or a dance troupe with drummers, multiple dancers, stilt walkers, and a hype man this is a sure-fire way to bid your guests good night! Hora loca add-on services will pump energy into your band or DJ and is a sure-fire way to load up the dance floor at your wedding, quinceañera, or corporate event.

Further spice it up by having us provide fun interactive props such as whistles, noisemakers, balloons, beach balls, masks, or crazy hats!

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