Unique Ideas for an Awesome Outdoor Party

Planning a birthday party, anniversary celebration, or casual barbecue is fun and exciting especially when the party is hosted outdoors. Outdoor parties tend to be a little less stressful, provide more space for guests, and require less clean-up effort. Guests can also enjoy the weather, stay cool and enjoy the ambience of the great outdoors. With all of these benefits, it’s no wonder people like to plan outdoor parties; however, most people want to find unique ideas to make their party stand out. Here are a few unique ideas to help you organize and execute an awesome outdoor party: 

Try Creative Party Seating

Seating at your outdoor party is an important element of planning because it impacts the look and feel of the party. Seating should be comfortable, stylish, and functional while still showcasing the theme of your party. You can have beach chairs if you’re hosting a beach-themed party. We like the Spruce.com‘s ideas to host a fire pit with built-in seating too! You can also make your party equipped with social distancing measures by creating little sections of seating in groups of two or four so guests can engage while still being safe. 

Personalized Place Settings

Your guests will be thrilled to find a sweet treat and nameplate waiting for them at the dinner table! The gift you chose to give them depends on the party’s theme and the vibe you’ll want to create with the table decor. A few examples to consider are fruit, candy, or fun trinkets that go with your party’s theme. No matter what, personalize your place settings and make them outdoor-friendly. 

Set the Table

An outdoor party with a nicely decorated table will create a warm and welcoming atmosphere to make your guests feel more comfortable as they enjoy a meal together. When setting your table, be sure to pick an inspiration piece for your table and choose a centerpiece that fits your event theme as it adds more to the experience when there is more attention to detail. 

Create a Simple Buffet

Providing great food for guests is a must and most outdoor parties are successful if there is a simple buffet. Think of a unique but simple menu and maybe add smaller elements to give your buffet some pizazz. Be sure to position your buffet under an overhang or umbrella to protect it from the elements. Then, order each menu item in a way that is easy for cruising: plates, sides, buns, meats, fixings, and flatware, and keep beverages on a separate table to prevent any spills. When the sun goes down, be sure to have some lights nearby so your guests can see when they are serving themselves. 

Serve a Family-Style Meal

Enjoying a meal at an outdoor party can be awkward, especially if your guests sit next to people they have never met. By passing dishes across the table with one another can inspire conversation, warm things up, and break the ice. This dinner service option will make your guests feel like family and will give them the sense that you put effort into ensuring they have a great overall experience. 

Serve Small Bites

A buffet and family-style dinner are great options for an outdoor party, but you can also opt to serve small bites, especially if you want guests to mix and mingle during the party. These small bites can be appetizers that are easy to grab or food that can be eaten without sitting down and needing utensils. Some examples of this can include finger sandwiches, chips, pretzels, popcorn, jalapeño poppers, or cheese sticks. For items that are a little more messy, be sure to wrap them in wax paper and tie them with twine so guests can enjoy and avoid stains on their shirts.

Make a Signature Drink

An outdoor party cannot be awesome without a signature drink for guests! A signature beverage embodies your personality and style in the form of a cocktail. It would be great to offer a regular cocktail and “mocktail” version for guests who do not drink alcohol. Use your favorite liquor and use the internet to get ideas for recipes. Rename the drinks and be sure to include the ingredients of the drink so your guests can decide if they would like to try it. 

Decorate with Fresh Blooms

Flowers are always great décor accents. Transforming your outdoor space by adding fresh flowers will leave your guests speechless! You can use flowers to dress up the dining tables, powder rooms, or even frame the space. They can be a key element of a party’s theme, and unusual bouquets are excellent conversation starters. 

Keep Mosquitoes Away

Guests are excited to attend your party – and the mosquitoes are just as excited! There are a few ways to keep the mosquitos away during your outdoor party. Provide bug spray for guests at the entrance and at each table so guests can use it to repel the mosquitoes. You can also use natural ingredients to keep the mosquitoes away, by filling a mason jar or bowl with water, lemons, and rosemary. 

Ditch the Regular Paper Plates

Think of yourself during the party planning process! That’s right- think of yourself! An essential piece to planning an outdoor party is to think about the cleanup process. An easy way to ensure you don’t regret the party after the guests are gone is to have disposable dinnerware; however, normal paper plates aren’t the answer. Regular paper products tend to be flimsy, but party stores and wholesale stores like Costco now have more durable dinnerware options. Find better options for your dinnerware and consider adding a pop of color with one of the items (plate, napkin, cup) to go along with your theme. 

Grown-Up Party Favors

Party favors are a fantastic way to show appreciation to your guests at your outdoor party. A few examples consist of candles, bottle openers, scented bath salts, or a nice treat like a bar of chocolate. A great party favor is useful, exciting, and unique. It should leave your guests smiling and thanking you long after the party has ended. 

Rent a Tent

Tents create an upscale feeling for your party and provide shelter from the elements such as rain, snow, sun, and even wind. The shape and size of the tent you will choose will always depend on the number of guests attending, so be sure to have an accurate headcount ahead of time. Also, some tents may come with packages that include additional rental options like fans or heaters that will keep your guests comfortable while being outdoors. 

Entertain the Kids

An outdoor party is not only for the adults! If you are hosting a family-style event, be sure to include a few activities that the children can enjoy as well. Need a few ideas? You can include a pinata, bubbles, or yard games like frisbee or Tic-Tac-Toe. These simple activities are fun to entertain everyone!

Getting together with your friends and family to enjoy each other’s company is such a privilege. We hope that our unique ideas gave you some inspiration and that you now feel more comfortable with the idea of organizing an outdoor party. With a little bit of preparation, your party should be a guaranteed success!


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