Top Bar/Bat Mitzvah Party Entertainment Ideas

A bar/bat mitzvah is a time to celebrate a Jewish boy or girl as they enter into adulthood. This cultural event is centered on tradition and family, but entertainment and excitement are an important piece of the party as well. Keeping this in mind, if you are planning or hosting a bar/bat mitzvah, keep reading to learn about some of the top bar/bat mitzvah party entertainment ideas:

Rent a Photo Booth 

If there are no pictures, it didn’t happen — at least that is how the world works now. Everyone from every age, every gender, and every culture loves to have memories of a special day or event. Your party will stand out if you offer your guests a unique and easy way to take photos. When you rent some of the modern photo booths, most of them have the capability to print copies onsite or upload directly to your guests’ social media outlets. Rent a photo booth and ask the vendor for any customization options — some vendors have the ability to add hashtags and graphics to the images that are taken at the photo booth, which is always a nice touch for guests. If you come up with a cool hashtag or event name, you can send the image to the photographer, and they will customize the photos ahead of time. 

There is also a new trend rising — the 360-degree photo booth. People are renting these new photo booths to capture video and photos while a revolving camera spins 360 degrees around to capture video in slow motion that can be converted into images as well. Photo booth vendors are also playing music nearby to lighten the mood and help people relax while using the photo booth. Combining these two elements helps to get the party started and serves as a fun break throughout the night. 

Additional Benefits of Renting a Photobooth

Outside of offering guests an opportunity to add a special touch to their photos, the presence of a photo booth at a bar/bat mitzvah encourages guests to relax and socialize. If you have a mixed crowd or guests who don’t usually attend parties and bar mitzvahs, they may be apprehensive about playing games or dancing; however, having an attendant who is specifically present to encourage guests to take photos is a great icebreaker. People may also use the photo booth area as a place to meet up if it is positioned away from the noise of the party. Use the photo booth to liven up your party and serve as a transitional element of your event. 

Hire a Live Band or DJ

Music is the heart of any event, but especially at a bar/bat mitzvah! The child who is being honored will want to dance and have a great time with their friends and family, and music is the perfect way to make this happen. Since the party will likely have a range of age groups, you should hire a live band or DJ that is familiar with performing at a bar/bat mitzvah. A professional or group of professionals will know it is vital to play a mix of current and throwback tunes to appease all guests. 

Live Band or DJ?

The age-old question within the entertainment industry – should you hire a live band or DJ for your bar/bat mitzvah? DJs have the ability to play a broader range of music genres, but a live band brings an unmatched level of energy. We think that in a perfect world, you could hire both a band and DJ, but if you do not have the budget, know that using a professional booking agent will be your best bet in order to navigate what works best for your party and your pockets. 

Hire a Cocktail Hour Musician

If you are still in limbo about the music options, you should know about the different ways you can use your musicians throughout the night. A band or DJ does not have to only perform during the height of the party, but you can utilize their services during the early hours of your event or if you have a cocktail hour. Talk to your band or DJ about add-on options or additional pricing for extending performance hours. Most bands also offer clients a discount if they need to hire one of the band’s musicians (like the piano player) to perform in a different capacity during the night’s festivities. Again, a booking agent will help you to figure out what you actually need and how to get the best bang for your buck.

Find a Magician or Illusionist

After you work on the music and encourage social interaction throughout the night, you can add a little pizazz by hiring what we call “Specialty Acts.” Specialty Acts are non-musical entertainers that give parties and events another level of excitement. Some planners and hosts hire specialty acts that go along with the party’s theme, e.g., Chinese Dragon Dancers for a traditional Chinese-themed party. In this case, a bar/bat mitzvah can showcase a host of specialty acts, including a magician or illusionist. 

Like many other top-tier talent agency’s Entertainment Exchange has access to some of the best magicians and illusionists in the world, one being world-renowned mentalist Alain Nu. How great would it be to add another level of entertainment for both children and adults with magic tricks, effects, and illusions? You can also consider hiring circus performers, party robots, dancers, and even a comedian. 

Hire a Comedian 

If you hire a comedian, it is important to discuss material ahead of time. There are so many different types of comedians, so you need to understand their material and how it aligns with the vision of your event. You also have options on how to incorporate a comedian into the event. An excerpt from How to Hire a Comedian for an Event explains this: 

You can have a “host” type of comedian perform short routines between the various segments of your event. You can hire a comedian to do a “hot set” of 15-20 minutes as a way to switch it up and keep guests engaged. You could also hire a local or national celebrity comedian to serve as the highlight of the evening. The comedian could be featured on your invitations or marketing materials which will surely get guests excited about attending the event. 

Whatever direction you decide to take, hiring a comedian is definitely the time to use a booking agent to assist throughout the process. 

There are so many more entertainment ideas, and we hope that you find the one that fits your young guest of honor, the energy of your guests, and of course — your budget. Sound off below on your favorite idea listed in the article. 


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