What’s Your Flavor?

From an island oasis to a Vegas-style casino, Imagecrafters can help create a stage for your most memorable themed event.

Searching for the perfect party or event themes? Your theme can be based on an era (e.g. the 70s), a place (e.g. Brazil), a sport (e.g. soccer), or a happening (e.g. space travel). Or we can use color to theme your event. However you slice it, the experience of your meeting, party, or event starts with a theme you can visualize and from which all event elements follow. We’ll introduce you to an entire database of party and event themes so you can pick the perfect theme for your crowd. Our industry experts are eager to professionally execute a theme that somehow integrates with your company’s past, present, or future.

Decor is a small word for all you see, touch, smell, hear, and feel at an event. The list includes using colors, props, rentals, lighting, food, entertainment, and staging properly. The word clearly means more than just decorating; our staff brings fresh ideas for your consideration.

We’ll help you put everything in its place at your event, from proper space allocation to visualizing your event’s flow. We bring a team of creative vendor partners with whom we have established long-time relationships to add just the right touch so that your decor represents you and your company.

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