The Photographers Guide to Capturing Wedding Entertainment

The Photographers Guide to Capturing Wedding Entertainment

Nightsong - Guide to Capturing Wedding Entertainment

Decisive Moments

Photographers are always searching to find the right moments during a wedding. While you’re juggling to try to capture the best shots of the bridal party and wedding guests, action shots of the band are always a good addition to the photo album. Trying to pick the right moment of when to capture the band is always tough, but here are a few tips:

Cocktail hour – best for professional, clean shots

First set – best for shots of the wedding guests dancing

Last set – best for action shots of the band, interaction with the bride and groom; many “motion blur” shots so adjust your shutter speed


Working with the Band

You won’t ever find a band that doesn’t want to help you capture great moments at a wedding. If you have time before the wedding starts (maybe during sound check), ask the band leader about special moments, the best songs or fun choreography they may have planned for the event. If you can keep those moments in mind you will have an advantage and will know where to post up.

Social Media Adaptation

If you capture photos of the band and you’re willing to share them on social media, consider a few Social Media Best Practices. Images that clearly feature a face or object tend to work best.  As if the couple isn’t pressing you for pictures before the last piece of cake is eaten, we will also agree that posting a few immediate shots can be beneficial to you and your business. says, “One of the best benefits of using social media for marketing is the power it gives you to connect with your constituents in real time. What’s happening now is far more credible and commanding on social media than old news or posed pictures.”

If the wedding has an official hashtag, the night of the wedding or the next day is the best time to post a few photos with the hashtag. You can take advantage of the hashtag while it trends most and you can possibly gain new business. This works the same way for entertainment acts as well, so please tag the band or agency when you post the picture.


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