MEET: DJ Adam…one of Entertainment Exchange’s most requested DJ’s…

Music is a catalyst for emotions, a marker of time, and an entity so subjective and passionate that no two people have exactly the same taste. I am DJ Adam, “The Jamologist.”


My passion for people and music has landed me in the perfect profession. I love music and I believe in treating people the way I want to be treated. Client satisfaction is the key to my world. I connect people and music.


A musician from my early teens, I made the leap into a full time musical career as a jamologist a decade ago. I handle any type of event, from bar/bat mitzvahs and weddings to corporate events. I’ll match your expectations to the affair ensuring your vision is fulfilled. From classy dignified fun to brash high energy madness, it’s your event, your vision, your needs and your way is what will be done.

Musical energy, excitement, style and a touch of swag are key ingredients to a great party. Night or day, large or small, young or old, a great party is still a great party.

What is a jamologist? Not just an MC, not just a disc jockey. When a connection is made the feet feel a little lighter, the heart beats a little faster and the soul is a little fuller. Make the connection!


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To schedule a showcase with DJ ADAM, contact Entertainment Exchange at (888) 986-4640.

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