Rescheduling Your Special Event or Wedding?

The coronavirus pandemic is completely disrupting the live events environment. You are not alone and we are all navigating it together!

Rescheduling Your Special Event or Wedding?

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The coronavirus pandemic is completely disrupting the live events environment. You are not alone and we are all navigating it together!

In case you missed it, the CDC recommends organizers cancel or postpone events with 50 people or more until May 11 (as of this blog’s publication). And as we all do our part to “flatten the curve,” it’s important to consider the impact a large gathering of people can have on spreading the virus.

That said, you’re likely (or at least considering) rescheduling your upcoming special event or wedding. To help you navigate this uncertain and uncomfortable process, here are tips on how to lessen the blow:

Vendors & Financial Impacts

We are sure that your venue, caterers and other vendors are being compassionate and understanding right now. Note that most contracts you may have already signed will likely have some clauses in them about postponement or cancellation, but this is an unprecedented situation. It is important to discuss any scenarios where postponement can be accommodated and give notice as soon as possible. Our company released a statement earlier this month released a statement earlier this month that offers guidelines on how we are managing changes that affect our clients. If you have event insurance, you may check to see what’s possible there as well.

Audience, Guests & Attendees

Since everyone (literally, in the entire world) is aware of this pandemic, it won’t come as a shock to hear that your event is postponed. It is important, however, to start communicating with them sooner rather than later. Because things are changing every day (almost every hour, it seems), you can simply start by letting them know that you are talking internally about your options, that you are thinking about them in this time and that you will let them know about any postponement or cancellation as soon as you can. Maybe add an FAQ section to your wedding site or event page. Communication is key!

Timing Considerations

Although the CDC recommendation “ends” on May 11 (as of this blog’s publication), we won’t be surprised if that date is extended. There are also big social and economic implications happening right now and some estimates say that this will impact the way we interact for six months to a year. If you’re postponing, it will be tricky to pick the “right date” but just consider all the options, take a look at CDC and WHO guidelines, and trust your gut.

That said, maybe you consider taking your event virtual. Maybe you plan smaller or regional events instead. And if you’re planning a wedding, embrace your original wedding date in your own special way and then work with your vendors to find a common date in the future. Entertainment Exchange is closely monitoring how the coronavirus impacts the live events industry and we are here for you during this time!

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