Q&A Corner: Will the band I booked play the right music for my event?

Q&A Corner: Will my band or DJ play the right music for my event?


Do you ever wonder how bands and DJ’s choose the right songs for events? Are you concerned that you’ve booked musicians and don’t know if they understand the “feel” of your event? We’ve reached out to a few professionals to have them weigh-in on some of your toughest questions.

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How do I know the singers of the band will give the right energy for my event?

Just like any other profession, performers are no different. We share a mutual goal with the clients and venue: to execute and succeed. We know that each event is someone’s biggest moment. An opportunity to achieve something greater. So, the singers leave it all out on the floor to make the event memorable. True professionals bring the energy for the love of the craft and care for the people in the room. It’s about maintaining integrity and establishing a standard of excellence; to prove why they were hired.

Jarreau W., band leader of “DC Synergy” band

~ Jarreau W., band leader of “DC Synergy” band

How many sets do the bands actually play and how long are the sets?

Most bands average 3-4 sets that last anywhere between 30 minutes to (1) hour. This all depends on the flow of the event. For instance, many weddings start with a “light set” that lasts 20-30 minutes during the time that guests enter the reception area, the entrance of the wedding party and dinner salads. Most bands take a break during the main course and return for the first “high-energy” set that may last for 45 minutes. There is usually another 15-minute break and then the band closes the event with another 45-minute set. We work hard with planners and clients to cultivate a flow that works for everyone.

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~ Josh S., band leader of “Keynote” band

How do I know that I hired the right act? What type of music will be played?

Our motto is to stay current and still know our history. We keep our ear to “the streets” and keep our sets filled with music from hot and upcoming artists. We also know there’s nothing like a good “throwback” song from Michael Jackson or Bon Jovi. Having a great mix of music is important because many events have a mixed crowd and we want to touch everyone if possible.  The key to success is mixing what the client desires with a dash of our own experience to create the perfect backdrop for every event.

R&B singer

~ Patrice N., female singer of “Keynote” band and the “PatriceLIVE Experience”


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