Planning Your Picnic / Summer Office Party

Winter is quickly coming to a close (some might say melting), meaning blue skies, flowers, and sun. There is no better way to welcome the beautiful weather than with a picnic. This could either be with friends and family or for your office and employees. We made a list of a couple tips to remember when planning your picnic to make sure it runs smoothly.

Planning Your Picnic / Summer Office Party

Choose a date

While this seems rudimentary, picking a date months in advance is recommended in order to have the highest attendance possible. Give your colleagues and co-workers some time to block out their schedules so the whole family is able to come!

Calendar - Planning Your Picnic / Summer Office Party

Book entertainment

One of the most important parts of any party is the entertainment, and you want to make sure you get exactly what you want. Make sure to book your entertainment ASAP because acts are being quickly booked! Some different options are bands, DJs, impersonators, ethnic dancers, magicians, clowns, and many other kinds of variety acts. Whatever it is you are looking for, be sure to work with Entertainment Exchange in order to get professional, high quality acts.


Power sources

Having an outdoor party is great for many reasons, fresh air, lots of space, and room to do activities. One important part that people tend to forget about when planning this type of party are taking into consideration where the power sources are located outside. Make sure to be familiar with the space you will be hosting the party and discuss with the entertainment ahead of time what they will need, so you can plan ahead rather than have to scramble once the party has already started.

Power Source - Planning Your Picnic / Summer Office Party


All your employees and their families will be moving around and schmoozing, so it is important to make sure your menu caters to the fun environment you are trying to create. Handheld foods will complete your menu because they are clean and easy to eat. Some suggestions include: skewers, mini sandwiches, and bite-size hors d’oeuvres. An exciting and family friendly party may even want to get a cotton candy machine, snow cone machine, or popcorn maker that both kids and parents will enjoy!

Think ahead

Take a minute after the party to reflect on what seemed to be unpopular, and things that were a success. Like what you saw? Make sure to remember what you enjoyed and book Entertainment Exchange for your next party!

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