Plan for the Perfect Wedding Entertainment

Plan for the Perfect Wedding Entertainment

Ask any former bride and groom – there is nothing better than seeing the photo where all of your wedding guests are partying together while singing a hit pop song at the top of their lungs. That photo is usually the result of months of personal research and assistance from entertainment professionals who work with hundreds of venues and clients to create a flawless backdrop for any wedding day. We offer tips on the best ways to plan to have the perfect wedding entertainment.

Create your Vision

There are so many ways to get creative with your wedding entertainment. Bands and DJ’s are always the first thought but you can also incorporate cultural entertainment, karaoke, and the newest craze – bridal party dance routines. Think about whether your guests would want to sit and be entertained; envision the type of energy you want for your big day and do some research on cool new ideas to get your engines going. Be sure to write it down or make a “vision board” to share with your vendors and planner.


Plan Ahead

Any experienced planner or booking agent will stress that the first rule of planning your wedding is to book your venue; the second task is to book entertainment. Even when the date of your big day is scheduled a year or more in advance, professional entertainment acts can be booked as far as two years in advance.

The good thing about booking so far in advance is that you have a lot of room to negotiate and lock in current rates (some acts increase their rates annually). You also eliminate the chances of you being in a “bidding war” with another couple over booking the same act. There are only about 24 Friday and Saturday date options in each season so it’s easy to have the same date as the hundreds of other engaged couples in your city.

Plan Ahead Perfect Wedding Entertainment

Go Pro

Entertainment Exchange’s DC agent and bandleader for “Free Spirit” Mike, who offered this suggestion:

“An experienced booking agent will be able to offer you great recommendations based on their experience with working with different venues and former clients. They can merge that information with your wish list and create the perfect flow for your big day.”

Saving money is very important but cheaper is not always better when it comes to entrusting someone to set the tone for your event. Professional musical acts have more than talent – they have experience. If a problem arises, they know how to improvise or alter plans without compromising the integrity of your event. They can also assist you with song suggestions and work with your planner or venue to go over small details that will make a positive impact on your guests and the overall affair. Utilize your professional resources early and trust them to help you to make your vision come to life.

If you are looking for exciting entertainment that values professionalism, be sure to check out all of our options and get a free quote today!

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