Picking the Perfect Spring Formal Theme

Your spring formal and prom is coming up around the corner, so what better time to begin planning your unforgettable night? First thing first, decide what kind of mood you want for the night: romantic, mysterious, classy, funky, and youthful are some ideas to get your mind jogging. After you have decided on what kind of night you want to make for your friends, choose a theme that is broad enough to encompass activities, decorations, center pieces, and most importantly-picture-taking. A key mistake you don’t want to make is booking your entertainment too late, so when beginning to plan, make sure to book your DJ, band, or variety act. Below we have provided the perfect compiled list of themes, and easy ways to execute them in order to make for an exceptional event.

Galaxy / Under the Stars

For a sentimental and loving night, this theme will definitely be one to remember. A romantic setting under dimmed lights with dark colors ensures an atmosphere for the perfect slow dance. A night under the stars is guaranteed to make everyone’s dreams turn into a reality.


Helpful tips
Color scheme: gold, silver, white, dark blues and purples, black
Decoration ideas: starry night backdrop, glitter mason jars (with tea lights)


If you want to feel like Selena Gomez in Another Cinderella Story, this is the theme for you. Decorate the room with streamers and glitter for a fun night of dancing with a mask. Encourage all attendees to make personalized eye masks to hold up to your face so you are just able to see your eyes. This is a spin on a formal event, bringing bright colors and creativity to the dance floor.

Helpful tips
Color scheme: yellow, green, purple, silver, black
Decoration ideas: black metallic foil backdrop, DIY masquerade masks



Roll out the red carpet and hold the paparazzi for this elegant theme. Your formal will be complete by making a “VIP guest list” at the door where everyone can sign in. A black-tie style event will make all those attending feel famous for the night.


Helpful tips
Color scheme: gold, silver, red, white, black
Decoration ideas: red carpet and “Hollywood stars” on the floor with people’s names on them, gold trophies for tables

90’s theme

Denim has returned for a flash back to the 90’s, filled with a crazy and energetic night of dancing. Bright colors surrounding the room and fun music including Britney, Backstreet Boys, the Spice Girls, and anyone else who will get you to do the macarena on the dance floor. The 90’s will bring liveliness to your party.

jakob-owens-90’s theme

Helpful tips
Color scheme: pink, yellow, green, orange, black, silver
Decoration ideas: paper cut outs of CD’s hanging from the ceiling, glow sticks


No one ever wants to grow up, so why not make the night about being a kid again? A boardwalk by the sea brings back fond memories of running to play the games to win prizes, eating candy and food while looking at the ocean, and everything in between. This theme will definitely bring a goofy smile to everyone’s faces.


Helpful tips
Color scheme: any bright colors
Decoration ideas: entrance sign in yellow “BOARDWALK”, popcorn and cotton candy machine

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