“Performance DJ’s are for the budget-minded yet quality-conscious consumer.”

We have a pool of Premier DJ’s who we attempt to book as much as possible. In most cases they are booked months in advance, however, on any given day, one or two of our DJ’s will not have a job. This may be due to a cancellation or some other circumstance. All of our DJ’s want to work as much as possible and will be negotiable if they have an open date. We give you the opportunity to reserve a DJ who will not be otherwise booked. It’s like buying unsold inventory, but in advance.

When you choose Performance DJ’s, you may still get one of our top DJ’s. But, we will not be able to specify exactly who it will be until closer to the date of your event. The only drawback is that you will not be able to speak to your DJ until we make the assignment. You can still come into the office and meet with our DJ manager. He will be happy to sit down and help you plan your event. The information will then be relayed to the DJ upon assignment and you can pick up where you left off with our manager. This package is a great way to get a great DJ at a largely discounted rate.

Prices begin at $125/hr. on Saturday nights and are even lower at other times.