Outdoor Halloween Party Ideas

Halloween is around the corner and everyone is looking for new and exciting things to do to enjoy the night. In lieu of the coronavirus pandemic, many parents and party hosts are struggling to find ways to allow children or party guests to celebrate Halloween, yet remain safe based on current social distancing guidelines. We’ve found that having an outdoor party may be one of the best options for hosting a Halloween party because it will allow you to have fun in an open space to avoid unnecessary exposure to COVID19. Check out these exciting outdoor Halloween party ideas and make your event a night to remember.


Fall Outdoor Party Basics

An outdoor party is a great concept but in the Fall, and especially at night, temperatures will drop and guests never like to be too cold. It is important to keep your guests warm and you can do this by having a small bonfire or fire pit in the main area of your party. The glow of a fire is a great way to add extra pizazz to the ambiance. You can also make a small investment and install a patio heater on your deck or near the main area of your party. Patio heaters come in all sorts of sizes and styles and if it’s a quality patio heater, you can use it well into the Fall and Winter months. 


Keep your eye on the weather in the days leading up to Halloween night and cross your fingers and hope that rain isn’t in the forecast. If your luck runs dry and it does in fact rain, you should have a contingency plan in place in order to make sure you keep your guests dry. You can rent a tent or use your garage as a backup location to shield guests from the rain. If it rains a few days before Halloween, just test the grass or soil beforehand to make sure you’re not inviting guests (and their shoes) to get super muddy. 

Good lighting is always a must in our books. Lighting is often undervalued but a great lighting setup has the ability to transform your event. You can set the mood with lighting by hanging string lights, setting strobe lights in the corners of the main area or even hiring a lighting technician if you have the budget. Lighting will also help you to draw attention to the areas you want guests to focus on while attending your party. For instance, the food table and the exits should be more illuminated than other areas because lighting is needed for ambience but also safety. You’re more than likely planning to have your outdoor Halloween party at night and guests need to be able to enter and exit the area safely — especially the children! Don’t let a fun night turn into a safety issue which could later turn into a lawsuit. Use creative sites like Pinterest and Juxtapost to get ideas for lighting that aligns with the decor. And use what you have — driveway lights or exterior lights around the perimeter of your house — anything to assist with lighting your area efficiently.

Setting the Outdoor Halloween Party Mood

Outside of having great lighting, decor will be your best friend when it comes to hosting an outdoor party. First, you’re already ahead because the backdrop of the night sky will work in your favor, especially for a Halloween party! Next, research DIY projects you can do ahead of time with your family or friends. This can serve as a fun way to gear up for the party and an opportunity to spend time with your loved ones. 


You should also consider your audience when you’re choosing a theme or layout of your party. If you’re hosting a party for small children, you may want to avoid super gory and scary decorations. Don’t go black and orange-crazy either; Halloween gives you the freedom to add purples, greens, yellows and greens to your color palette. To stay in line with social distancing, you can also have colorful masks available at the door for guests. 

Music is another crucial element to setting the mood. Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” and Bobby Pickett’s “Monster Mash” are great songs to play during a Halloween party, but you will still need other songs to play throughout the night. Hiring a DJ or live band is a great way to amplify your event and using an experienced professional will keep the energy high and the complications low.

Halloween Outdoor Party Menu Ideas

Party guests always remember the atmosphere, the music and the food! Food is super important at a party because it’s hard to enjoy yourself while you’re hungry. Party food should be easy and creative and at a Halloween party, you can get super creative with the food display because people are almost expecting to see some type of unappetizing food display to go along with the theme of your event. 

Make your life easier by either getting catered food or cooking in advance so you can enjoy your guests. Finger foods and grilled food (since you’re already outdoors) are also great options for your menu. For more menu ideas, check out CountryLiving.com to get ideas for different Halloween-themed party foods, drinks, and desserts. 

Outdoor Halloween Party Entertainment & Activities

At this point, you have decided on accommodations, setting the mood, decorations and menu options. The final detail to making your event exciting and memorable, you should plan a few activities and games for your guests. Arrange a glow-in-the-dark egg hunt or set-up a “Drive-Thru Haunted House” if you have the space. This will allow guests to have contact-free fun and interaction. The little people will also enjoy receiving their Halloween candy via candy chute, instead of door-knocking. It’s a creative way to divvy out treats and maintain social distancing recommendations.

We got those ideas, along with a ton of others, from RetailMeNot.com where you can transform your original Halloween traditions into fun socially distanced alternatives. 

There are so many options to choose from when you’re thinking about planning an outdoor Halloween party. Just ensure that you consider your party guests’ needs, set the mood and keep everyone safe! 

Comment below with other ideas for making an outdoor Halloween party a success this year. We would love to hear from you!

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