Make Your Celebration the Most Memorable with these Happening Ideas

The world has no doubt endured a year of unprecedented restrictions and change. These changes have completely altered the way we interact with each other and how we celebrate special occasions. For now, it may seem like the world has to forget celebrating altogether, but we are pushing back on this notion. Even with real-world challenges, it is vital (if not even more vital now) to celebrate the good things. Psychology Today supports our stance, stating that, “Celebrations actually boost our well-being — and this is true for major milestones and daily wins alike. One of the main reasons celebrating is so important is because it reflects an overall attitude of gratitude and enjoying what we have, instead of focusing on what we don’t have or only on what we want in the future.” 

This year, we encourage you to celebrate the big and small wins. We have created a list of fun, innovative and exciting activities and ideas to make your celebrations memorable. Take a look: 

Pay Attention to the Details

One of the easiest ways to make your event memorable is to pay attention to the details from the beginning. Celebrations at Home specializes in stylish entertaining and shared these tips on how to add a little style to your details to make your event memorable: 

  • Make Your Event Feel Special Right From The Start With Invitations
  • Personalization Makes Your Guests Feel Special
  • Flowers Make Any Occasion More Special
  • Add Something Unexpected To Make Your Event Feel Special
  • Create Abundance For A Feeling Of Being Spoiled

Think about Your Audience

Outside of invitations and party gifts, other important details are your actual guests. It is important to think about your audience so you can incorporate elements that will excite them. If your guests or the venue of your event is less formal, we suggest enforcing a casual dress code. Games should also be in line with the audience. There are some pretty risque and provocative games on the market, so be careful about those choices to avoid offending guests. 

Plan a Game Night

Game Night is always an easy go-to if you want to have great interaction with your friends and family members. It brings out a fun and competitive atmosphere that is informal and comfortable for most people. Some of our favorite games – Scrabble, Monopoly, and Taboo! If you need some cyber-friendly options, gives a couple of great ideas like a virtual happy hour or online Bingo. 

Host a Movie Night or Film Screening

Movie nights are the best, especially in the times of Netflix and other online streaming platforms. You can literally debut a new movie in your home the way movie theaters (used to) do. If you know a new blockbuster movie is coming out soon, you can purchase or rent a projector and host a backyard movie event. If you are connected to budding filmmakers, you can even host their premiere party as a part of your event, especially if the movie’s theme aligns with your guests’ interests. Gather movie-theme ornaments and decor and give your guests a new theatre experience. 

Organize a Drive-By Birthday Celebration

Drive-by birthday parties have become very popular during the coronavirus pandemic since so many people had to socially distance themselves from each other but still longed to see a face (or receive gifts). Although it may seem limiting, who doesn’t love a parade? Guests can honk their horns, attach balloons to their cars, and hold signs up as they drive past the birthday boy or girl and make them feel special and loved. If you are looking for a way to celebrate one person quickly and safely, a drive-by birthday party is perfect. 

Book a Live Band, DJ or Entertainment Act

This is one of our clear favorites! Music is the heartbeat of any event, and a live band, DJ, string quartet – all of them are great additions to planning an unforgettable celebration. Specialty acts like dancers and impersonators are also a great option because you can add a lively element to your event. You may even choose to go way out of the box and hire an illusionist or Chinese Lion Dancers. Once you solidify your theme, work with a talent booking agent to discover the many options you have in hiring musical acts and entertainers. We are honored to have tons of world-renown acts on our roster, including mentalist Alain Nu!


Throw a Paint & Sip

Paint & Sips are super popular and help people bring out their artistic talents…with a little booze, of course. We’ve seen couples’ night events, bridal showers, and ladies’ nights host a Paint & Sip themed event where people pay to sip on their favorite spirit while attempting to paint a masterpiece (with the guide of a professional artist). The easiest part about this type of event is that guests can (and are mostly willing) to contribute to the cost, and they don’t have to bring anything. Throw a Paint & Sip party as a built-in way to have fun and give your guests a unique experience.



Arrange a Spa Day

What better way to celebrate and treat yourself or the guest of honor than to arrange a spa day?

Grab some candles, white towels and pick up an oil infuser and recreate the atmosphere of a fancy spa. You can hire a local massage therapist to give massages and hire a mobile nail technician and esthetician to do nails and facials. Arrange to have finger foods available, and you can even gift your guests with candles and other beauty products and toiletries at the end of the event. Guests will rave about the pampering session and will surely appreciate a few hours of peace and tranquility. 

Organize a Cooking Class

Cooking classes have been pretty popular for a long time because everyone likes to eat! More importantly, a cooking class is great for all audiences because whether you’re a novice or chef, it is always fun to learn a new way to make food. If you want to celebrate and have a built-in feast, organizing a cooking or baking class would be ideal. The only challenge with this type of event is having enough space for everyone to participate. If you can host the class at a culinary school, this would be ideal. If you have a small guest list, you can host at your home. And if you need to go the virtual route again, have everyone shop for ingredients beforehand and host a Zoom version.   

Throw a Barbecue

If you don’t have the means or space to host a cooking class with your guests, but you really want to host guests in person, guests can cook at home and bring their dishes to a backyard barbecue. A potluck mixed with a barbecue is always a fun time for both the host and guests. You can provide the bulk of main items (meats, major sides) and have guests bring additional side items or food that compliments what you are cooking (i.e., hotdog and hamburger buns). For guests who do not cook (or you prefer not to cook), ask them to bring liquor or cutlery so everyone can pitch in. 

These tips will surely help you celebrate your friends, family, and yourself in style. If nothing else, just remember that you should plan well, be intentional about what you want to achieve within your event, and be creative. With those elements, we are sure your celebration will be memorable for years to come. 

Create a Destination Celebration

If you can afford to get away, we encourage it… and want to go with you! Creating a destination celebration for a group of guests sounds like a fantastic plan, primarily if the trip occurs after people have been cooped up during the winter months. Work with a great travel agent who can help you to find great deals on flights and hotels. They may also have access to discounts on activities and excursions that are near your hotel or resort. 

While it may be tempting to do the norm and find a beach, this may be an opportunity to do something different and visit a destination that may be unique or, under other circumstances, more expensive. The coronavirus pandemic has made costly trips to places like Paris, Singapore, and Australia a little more affordable. Think outside of the box and lead your tribe to somewhere new, exciting and fun!




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