Lucky Charms: Tips on Hiring Impersonators

Lucky Charms: Tips on Hiring Impersonators


With St. Patrick’s Day and Easter around the corner, many bar owners and schools come to Entertainment Exchange to hire leprechaun and Easter bunny impersonators. We love being a resource to add this type of flair to any event. This year as you consider hiring what we call “Variety Acts”, take these charms with you:

Leprechaun Costume


Entertainment Exchange offers a range of variety acts and impersonators. You can visit our gallery to learn more about each one, but we also work with other local companies to offer an even wider range of entertainment. If you don’t see one listed on our site, still inquire – your request could be filled by a quick phone call to one of our colleagues.


We have an amazing Chinese Lion Dancer Troupe and we also get tons of inquiries for our Living Drink Station. Both acts light up their events every time, but the timing of their performances are very different. The Chinese Lion Dancer Troupe usually has 6-8 dancers and will perform a 15-20-minute set. The Living Drink Station will arrive with just one person and will appear anywhere between 30 minutes to an hour. Your Entertainment Exchange booking agent will discuss performance times and arrange to have your act perform during the prime hour of your event.


Pricing varies for different acts and as mentioned above, the performance time of an appearance can also impact price. Variety Acts range from $250 – $2000, it all depends on the time of year, the number of performers and the type of act booked. Booking early and repeat bookings can result in a discounted price so be sure to ask your booking agent to help you assess what will work best.

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