EVENT RECAP: Generation Opportunity Takes Over The National Mall

carnivalRecently, we had the opportunity to co-produce an incredible event with Janice Ockershausen of Best Bark Communications.  Generation Opportunity launched their Creepy Carenival campaign in Washington, DC on  July 23 with an extravagant display of entertainment acts to relay their message(s) regarding the Affordable Healthcare Act.


Entertainment Exchange provided the talent for the event that included some of the highlighted Generation Opportunity messages relayed in their campaign below:

  • Acrobats walked on tightropes to imply how the President claimed the national budget was being balanced through Obamacare when in reality the law will add $1.3 trillion to the deficit over the course of a decade.
  • A wonky mirror showed how bureaucrats are distorting the cost of healthcare.
  • A palm reader told individuals the change in their projected health care services under the law.
  • In addition, individuals on stilts, and various other acts, showed how “big brother” is watching over individual healthcare needs under Obamacare.

We worked closely with the team to secure the appropriate acts for the messages they were relaying in the campaign.  The launch event was a huge success for the organization as they kick-off their nationwide tour.  You can find out more information about this organization by visiting their website HERE.

Check out some of the photos below from our incredible talent at the event.  To find out more about our entertainment acts and talent, you can contact us directly at (301) 986-4640.







{Photo Credits for all above photos: Generation Opportunity and Entertainment Exchange}

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