The Bluesman
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The Bluesman

A professional musician with decades of experience, The Bluesman connects with his audiences through his love for roots music. His one man band style of acoustic blues and Mississippi Delta blues brings the music and its history alive for your guests. The Delta blues include soulful harmonica sounds coupled with emotionally expressive singing, slide guitar,and a rock'n drum beat. His covers range from the early delta blues artists, Robert Johnson and Son House to later legendary greats such as Muddy Waters all with some originals mixed in. The Bluesman is a one man show preserving, spreading and educating all about this unique American style of music that has spread over the decade to encompass the world.

His soulful vocals are gritty when needed and authentic at all times and he adds his personality to these songs. You'll see just how great his harmonica playing is, especially on "Train Time" where he entirely recreates the sound of a train rumbling down the tracks. His guitar work and slide guitar work reminiscence of the greats; nice and rough. Consider how he handles percussion, guitar rhythm while playing complex harmonica melody all at the same time on some of songs. Everything works, he plays metal resonator or wood acoustic guitar, harmonica, a bass drum and hi-hat cymbals at the same time to creating a nice little blues band in the form of one man.

Acoustic blues is never too loud for conversation. By warming up a room it turns a party into a memorable event for your guests to enjoy.

The Bluesman - invite him to your party. Your guests will thank you.

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