Jazz Standards by Stacie & Co.
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Jazz Standards by Stacie & Co.

JazzStandards by Stacie & Co. perform music that blends musical theater and jazz traditions in fresh ways. Originating in the stage and screen musicals of Gershwin, Porter, Kern, Rogers & Hart and more, jazz standards defined popular culture from 1930-1950. Under the artistry of vocalists like Ella Fitzgerald and Frank Sinatra, and instrumentalists like Monk, Davis and Ellington, these tunes remain as stand-alone favorites today. When performed by the area's best jazz musicians in duos, trios or quartets, JazzStandards by Stacie & Co. create the environment where people connect in meaningful and often unexpected ways. And when people come together, amazing things happen.
This Can't Be Love (live)
Jersey Bounce (Live)
That Sunday, That Summer (live)
I've Got my love to keep me warm (live)
  1. 21st century interpretation of American classics.....terrific!

    We so enjoyed Stacie’s great singing and her talented accompanists. They do justice to the wonderful songs they select. They have a fresh take on the terrific songs so many of us know and love.

  2. A lovely performance with a variety of songs and instrumentals by a very talented group. The show brought back memories of songs my dad use to play and/or sing when I was a young girl.

  3. Hooray for Stacg & Co.

    Hooray for Stacy and Co. She and they are really great as seen at the Maplewood in Vienna.

  4. Entertaining evening!

    I’ve had the pleasure of attending several performances of Stacie & Co.! I enjoy the way Stacie engages her audience with nuggets of knowledge regarding the artists and songs that she’s singing. There is a wonderful ease and connection with her band that is very enjoyable, i can listen all night! I’m looking forward to seeing Stacie & Co. very soon!

  5. Classic & timeless AND perfect for our desired ambience

    Classic, timeless music. Thanks, Stacie & Co! Of course, the music was wonderful — and your flexibility & innovative approach was much appreciated for our event. So nice to have the engaging music with conversational ambiance. Thank.You.

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