Bob Margolis Guitar

Bob Margolis Guitar

Bob Margolis is a spirited, vibrant guitarist from Baltimore, Maryland (U.S.A.) who describes his style as jazz/rock fusion, as demonstrated on his latest release, "Extended Senses". His guitars of choice include a Fender Strat and a Gibson ES335. Margolis has played guitar since 1984, and clearly states his career goal, "Releasing more instrumental CDs, continuing performing, teaching and studio work."

When prompted to reveal his favorite effect for the guitar, Margolis replied, "Distortion," and offered his musicial goals, "To continually develop my songwriting skills and technique." He would love to someday study piano, and is currently listening to Pat Metheny, Eric Johnson, Sonny Rollins, Eva Cassidy and Wes Montgomery. His greatest satisfaction? "Finishing a recording project and hearing the mixed master (loud!) for the first time," he states unambiguously.

Margolis lists ongoing and upcoming projects thusly, "Preparing to release my next CD "Impetus" and exploring as many different artists and styles as possible."

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