DJ Reynolds
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DJ Reynolds

Reynolds is an extremely versatile DJ who is very talented at playing any all genres of music. Simply put, you name it, he can spin it. He has a passion for getting everyone in the room dancing. His energy and presence always give an event that extra spark to take any event to the next level.

He is a true musician who began learning to play all brass instruments at an early age. His ear and talent for music lead him to his first event when he was 13 and his career took off from there. He has performed in multiple cities throughout his career, including spots in Hampton, Atlanta, Charlotte and Miami. He has even had a stint working at New York’s famous Hot 97 FM.

DJ Reynolds came to Washington DC in 2006 and has not missed a beat. He has worked many of the hottest clubs and lounges in Washington DC including Topaz, Rogue and Ceviche. His talent, professionalism and dedication to excellence are unquestionable.
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  1. Wedding

    This guy is a true professional. He has an easy to use link for making music selections, creating a timeline and making special requests. He reviewed everything with us once we submitted his form and made sure he had everything correct – he ran through pronunciation of the bridal party names to make sure he had it right. Reynold’s also asked lots of questions about what kind of music we wanted and had excellent suggestions for things that wedding guests typically like. I could tell from the beginning that he takes his job seriously and wants to make sure he pulls it off flawlessly, which he did.

    On the day of, he met with us and the bridal party before the reception, ran though the names and order of entry. It may not seem like a big deal but we had some last minute changes and was very through. Everything was flawless, he nailed even the most difficult names. He got everyone out on the dance floor, played a great mix of music and really had a feel for the crowd! He really kept the party going! He did such an amazing job, I just can’t say enough about him. I highly recommend him.

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