DJ Mike

DJ Mike

My name is DJ Mike. I am a music lover, a disc jockey who is happy to be outdoors on my bicycle when I am not otherwise mixing music or working on web design. I have had the great privilege of mixing and DJ'ing my clients' music over the last 10 years for many diverse events. I cover everything from weddings and fundraisers, to corporate and private parties. My biggest asset is my experience in creating a musical journey for my client’s special affair. From its outset to the end I’ll create a musical set that compliments the flow over the timeline of your affair. My goal is having a dance party and a full dance floor is our objective!

I regard myself as an open format DJ. One who has been lucky to experiment with and spin most musical genres and a wide range of world music. I can mix everything from today's’ Pop to the Motown classic. I can dip back to the ’30s moving forward through to house music and everything in between. I’ll mix your sets creating a dynamic atmosphere throughout your affair.

I am a professional who has a great work ethic, I’m passionate about what I do, I’m, dependable and can fit in with your team with my pleasant can-do attitude. I thrive in tough situations. I look forward to working with you and your team to add to the joy of your celebration.

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