Corporate Event Entertainment: Balancing Business with Fun

Corporate Event Entertainment:

Balancing Business with Fun


The best company parties find the right balance between business and fun. Maybe you know exactly what we’re talking about. But if you’re planning something for your company, how do you find that good mix? Here are some tips for entertainment for your corporate event: Corporate Party, Company Party Entertainment


Our first piece of advice is to get out of the office. Find a venue or outdoor space that doesn’t scream “work” to get employees in a new environment where they can relax. Make things more casual (or fancier!) and cater to quality food choices. This is an opportunity to share your appreciation for your employees, so make them feel special when you can. Employees who feel appreciated tend to be more loyal. They also feel revitalized when they are acknowledged and that positively affects your bottom line. 

Once you have your venue nailed down, it’s time to book entertainment. This can be the sweet spot for finding the fun, but still professional feel. Whoever you chose, whether it’s a corporate event live band or a Motown cover band, will set the mood for the entire event. This decision speaks to your company’s brand and corporate culture.


Budget can also be a big factor in determining what is and isn’t possible. Luckily, there are options, like with Entertainment Exchange in the DMV area, that can work with you and your budget to find the best options from a plethora of acts and bands to choose from. Consider taking a chance here and hiring a 70’s or 80’s cover band. While that may be out of your comfort zone at work, music from different decades is something different that would provide that level of fun and entertainment that an event deserves.

You could also consider a fun social media or photo booth, a contest or scavenger hunt, or an aerialist show.

Curating the right corporate event will enhance your employee and partner performance while also fueling company growth and profitability. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, consider employing an event planner. An outside consultant can help guide you in the right direction while taking your goals and needs into consideration.

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