Common Mistakes People Make When Hiring a Wedding DJ

Wedding DJ

Your wedding day is supposed to be a special night that will bring back beautiful memories for years to come. One of the most common (and fun) ways to create long-lasting memories is by having music that makes people want to dance and interact. If you decide to hire a wedding DJ, you will want to ensure that you hire someone that can bring your party to life. Unfortunately, we have seen many couples go into the booking process blindly over the years and end up with a less-than-stellar outcome. Less-than-stellar is not what we do, and we do not want that for you either. Check out the common mistakes people make when hiring a wedding DJ and take notes so you won’t do any of these things: 

Going the Cheap Route

Budget will always be a significant factor in planning weddings, and we completely understand the temptation to cut corners in the music department because it’s just someone playing music, right? Wrong! Most couples who end up going the cheap route by hiring an inexperienced or less expensive wedding DJ regret their decision in the long run. As a client, you can have a vision for your wedding, but experienced professionals perform at weddings and special events all the time, and they can anticipate things that will prevent your vision from coming to life. Sure your little cousin loves music and may have some turntables at home, but this does not address the other ingredients needed for a DJ to successfully set the night’s tone and entertain guests. For instance, a cheaper DJ may have more inexpensive equipment, which may be faulty and not as aesthetically appealing. A cheaper DJ may also run his DJ business on the side, which brings in a reliability issue. You will likely book wedding vendors at least six months in advance – what if your “cheap DJ” is out of business before the wedding? You will be scrambling to find another DJ who could be extremely expensive and challenging because most DJs are already booked months in advance. 

Paying a little more upfront may be worth the peace of mind in knowing that you have hired talent that will have the professionalism, equipment, and knack for live events. If you are keen on supporting your little cousin, as a compromise, consider hiring your cousin to be the DJ at your small engagement party – an event that may be a little less formal in nature.

A DJ with a Lack of Experience

Hiring a DJ with a lack of experience will likely prove to be a disaster. There are specific nuances that are present during most weddings, and a professional and experienced DJ will not only know how to handle most situations, but he or she will also anticipate and be prepared in advance. gives excellent insight on this: 

An experienced DJ knows how to read a crowd, how to transition into toasts and first dances, how to announce your entrance as a married couple appropriately, and when to play which types of songs. The peace of mind of having a DJ who can do all that, and more, is well worth hiring someone with a proven track record. Hiring an amateur DJ can be detrimental to your wedding day in many ways. From lack of professionalism to lack of knowledge about the order of events and protocol, an inexperienced DJ can put a damper on your reception. Don’t sacrifice experience when it comes to selecting a DJ to handle your big day.

We couldn’t agree more, and we urge you to follow suit and hire a professional instead of an amateur. 

Not Booking Your DJ Early Enough

Not booking your DJ early enough is a very common mistake couples make when hiring a wedding DJ. A general rule within the wedding industry is to book the venue first, your wedding planner second, and the entertainment third. Here’s why: The venue sets the tone (and date) for everything because you need the date and location to book other vendors for a specific date. A wedding planner will assist you with much groundwork and can also give you referrals to other vendors. And the entertainment acts are usually third because most wedding professionals know that the most popular and professional wedding DJs are typically booked 1-2 years in advance. If your wedding occurs during the primetime season (April – September), you are essentially competing with hundreds of other couples to get the same entertainment acts. 

Work with an Agency

To be extremely clear, do not wait to book your wedding DJ. You will risk losing out on the cream of the crop and may be stuck with an inexperienced DJ or no DJ at all. It is also best to work with a talent agency because you will have access to multiple DJs. Our company has a roster of over 30 DJs, which gives us the ability to offer our clients several options. This also gives us room to find a DJ with the right fit for each client, which brings us to the next mistake most people make. 

Booking a DJ Without the Right Fit or Feel

Music is so vital to a wedding or event because it can set the night’s tone and bring people together. A wedding DJ is responsible for facilitating this essential part of the night and merging it with your taste and style. If you desire that your wedding be an all-night dance party, you need a DJ that will match that energy and get the crowd going by playing the right music and maybe even exciting the crowd on the microphone. If you desire that your wedding be a more formal affair, the DJ you book should also match that energy by choosing the right songs and playing more to the background throughout the night. While you may find a DJ with excellent reviews online, it is vital to do enough research to determine if the DJ can tailor their abilities to your requests. Most DJs will say that they can do anything to book a new client, but most people make the mistake of hiring a DJ that doesn’t take the time to have a conversation to discuss your desires. 

Hiring a DJ That Doesn’t Discuss Your Desires

Work with an agency that will take the time to have an in-depth conversation with you to give you a chance to share your theme and desires for your wedding. Using a booking agent gives you access to multiple DJs, and the agent will be able to listen to your wants and match you with the right person. This conversation is vital because without having an understanding between the client and DJ, you will force the DJ to make their own decisions, some of them on the spot, and that may not go over well with you or your guests. Ensure that your initial planning conversations include your DJ so you can share your favorite style of music, special songs, and unique wedding theme. 

Having the right DJ for your wedding will allow you to make your special day unique and memorable. The soundtrack of the night will be in the DJ’s hands, so don’t cut corners or sell yourself short. Hire a professional who is capable, professional, creative, and knowledgeable. That will give you the freedom to enjoy the night with your loved ones while basking in your new love. 


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