Best Practices for Curating a Virtual Event

Best Practices for Curating a Virtual Event


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Coronavirus has completely disrupted the live event and entertainment industry. If you’re in the midst of transitioning your event from in-person to online, we feel your pain. We’re not going to lie: Moving virtual is a big shift, and it likely changes the very core of your event strategy and goals. Creating space for community and connection will be a challenge and you’ll need to innovate around nearly every facet of your programming.

But the task is not impossible! 

You can still curate engaging, interactive experiences for your attendees despite the unanticipated turmoil. To help, here are some best practices we’ve compiled to help make your virtual event a success:

Consider the attendee’s perspective. Why not take this opportunity to ask your attendees or past participants for feedback about how to make this unexpected shift as valuable as possible? Create a task force or send a survey that asks ticket holders what they’d like to experience and walk away with from a digital event. Give them some autonomy to help plan the conference — and ensure you’re meeting their needs at the same time.

Acknowledge that it won’t be the same. There’s no denying that things are weird right now, and that moving your event online is strange. Embrace that, and don’t hide it in your communication or marketing language. Be transparent with your processes and let attendees know you’re doing everything you can to make this a worthwhile experience, despite everyone being behind computer screens.

Get creative with engagement opportunities. Now is your chance to get creative and take risks. Try a new software that uses polling or chat features. Incorporate a trivia night or start that Slack channel you’ve always wanted. Utilize Facebook features for the first time or send care packages with snacks and swag to participants. The sky is the limit, so flex those creative muscles!

If you need some help brainstorming ideas or assistance with virtual event production, Entertainment Exchange has your back. We’re here for you throughout this new reality and would love to help you transition your events to a digital experience. Who knows, you may find something that works and keep it for years to come! 


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