Are band showcases for your clients a thing of the past? We think NOT!

January is around the corner and although you’re probably still in the weeds of corporate holiday parties and winter weddings, you know there will be a ton of inquiries coming your way soon since we know the holidays tend to be engagement season. The Washington Post says,


It’s a special, emotional time,” says Matthew Rosenheim, president of the Tiny Jewel Box, a store near Dupont Circle that sold about three-dozen engagement rings this season. “People are around family, and they want to share those special moments when there’s time to enjoy it without some of the pressures of day-to-day life.”

FS Wedding

By the top of the year, couples come out of the engagement whirlwind and get into planning their big day. While social media and video marketing are definitely leaders in how engaged couples choose entertainment for their weddings, we have still experienced a consistent wave of clients who want to see the band up close and personal before making a final decision. That said, we are getting a jumpstart on planning showcases for our bands now.


Hosted during the week by our agents and at our main offices in Silver Spring, we invite you and your clients to come out to meet and see our bands perform live. Contact us to get schedule for upcoming showcases in January and February 2019 and in the meantime, visit our website to learn more about our bands.


If you receive requests for specific bands, email us to get an exclusive video of the band




PHOTO COURTESY OF Caroline Lima Photography


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