9 Ways To Throw A Successful Party

Are you planning a party and seemingly stuck in the planning process? We understand that throwing a party that you and your guests will enjoy can be difficult because there are several variables to consider when executing a spectacular party. What are the fundamental essentials to make a great party? The answer to that question could be infinite! We have narrowed it down to eight easy ways to throw a successful party to save you time and a headache. This way, your guests will continuously rave about how unbelievable your party was and beg you to throw another! Check it out: 

1.  Create an Enticing Invitation 

Your invitations must make an impact! With the digital era upon us, there are more ways to connect, making the possibilities for party invitations endless. An invitation is often overlooked as insignificant, but it is your guest’s introduction to the party, and it sets the tone for the party. First impressions are everything because a dull invitation could make or break a person’s decision to attend the party. An enticing invitation can show your creativity and should stand out to people when they view it.

It’s All in the Details

One fantastic way to create an enticing invitation is how you offer the details of the event. People want to know exactly what to expect if they decide to attend, so the more information you can offer, the better. At times you may have the temptation to leave some things a mystery by using secret wording like “special guest,” but this can make your guests less excited about the party. Descriptive wording on an invitation will give your guests the exact information about the party and keep them excited while waiting for the event date.

Design the Right Way

Another way to ensure that you create an enticing invitation is your design choice. A great design will make your invitation memorable — from the type of font, font size, colors, and just overall design, these elements should all blend and reflect the party’s tone. Don’t be afraid to experiment and mix it up!

2.  Invite an Interesting Group of Guests 

Have you ever been to a party that looked fabulous but wasn’t as fun as you would have expected? Have you ever been to a less glamorous party but had the time of your life because of the people around you throughout the night? This is because your guests are the most exciting elements of your party. It is essential to invite an interesting and diverse group of guests if you want to have a successful party, although a successful party does not have to include everyone you know. In fact, coming up with a specific number of guests to attend is an efficient way to limit who attends the party and create an opportunity to make the most out of who is invited. 

Make your guest list diverse but consider the personalities and interests of each individual because the key is to have guests complement each other by engaging in light-hearted conversation, not antagonizing each other, and making the party mood tense. 

3.  Use Festive Décor 

Wherever you decide to throw your party, the venue has to be ready to look the part! This does not mean that you have to overdo it, but you should transform your space into something special for you and your guests to enjoy. Decorating your room will help set the mood of the party and get your guests more excited! Consider adding easy décor pieces like streamers, balloons, and tablecloths. Streamers and balloons are an excellent way to make your party more festive because they can brighten up your walls, giving them a little razzle-dazzle. Tablecloths are an amazing way to brighten up the table and continue to carry the party’s theme. It will also hide any imperfections on the table. You can also consider adding in some fresh plants and even twinkling candles. If you want to take it up a notch, a trick that is often overlooked is the use of lighting, which brings us to our next tip!

4.  Lighting is Super Important

Lighting is undervalued when planning an event, but it is actually a significant and even economical way to decorate an event. Lighting enhances the mood, directs your guests’ attention to the right places, and provides security and safety measures. Lighting options are endless and can come in the form of candles, dance floor uplights, and GoBo lights. You can add a unique feel depending on the color of the lights and increase or decrease in brightness. Let your creativity lead the way! Alternatively, you can get assistance with finding the proper lighting by using an agency or lighting professional to give your party a look you desire. Entertainment Exchange offers a wide variety of lightning and décor packages that you can use to upgrade your party! 

We forgot to mention that lighting is also a social sharing trick. Social media is such a huge part of popular culture and it’s always a plus when guests decide to post highlights of an event on their Instagram or Facebook profiles. If you’re hosting a corporate event, a great social media post can help to widen your brand’s reach and if you’re doing a private event, it allows guests to capture memories that can last a lifetime. Anyone who has a smartphone knows that angles and lighting are key to taking the best photos. What better way to encourage social sharing by taking care of one of those elements and providing great lighting for guests? Great lighting offers guests the opportunity to capture beautiful photos to post online. An extra treat? If you’ve hired a photographer for the event they will appreciate the extra boost of great lighting as well.  

5.  Create a Lively Playlist 

Music is the lifeline of your party, so you have to ensure that you have a great playlist ready for the night. While creating your playlist, remember to make it several hours long with songs that will keep the party going. You can also ask your guests to submit a few of their favorite songs in your invitations and use that for inspiration to create the playlist. 

Another option would be to book live entertainment! Live entertainment could take the pressure off of you in finding the right songs and give you the opportunity to focus on having a fantastic time with your guests. Entertainment Exchange can offer dynamic entertainers that will keep your guests dancing for hours!

6.  Incorporate Thoughtful Details 

Finding ways to incorporate thoughtful details will add a personal touch that will undoubtedly set your party apart from the rest! Thoughtful details will show your guests that you had them in mind when organizing the party, and it will make the event more memorable. Need ideas? You can add place cards to your seating arrangements or offer goodie bags at the door. 

Personalized seating shows your guests you were thinking about them and their comfort level throughout the night. When you seat your guests near other people with similar interests and personalities, you will maintain the excitement of the party and give your guests several opportunities to engage with everyone. Goodie bags with special little treats will forever give you brownie points! A goodie bag does not have to be cheesy or over the top. A simple sweet treat like some candy or cookies with a short friendly personalized message will make your guests feel warm and cozy inside. It is the little things that count! 

7.  Offer Mouthwatering Food 

A party cannot be a successful party without delicious food on the menu. The menu does not have to be overly elaborate or fancy, but it does have to include food for everyone to enjoy. The menu can consist of snacks for people to nibble on while they are mingling. Choose easy finger foods like crab balls, crostinis, and a veggie and fruit platter. If you decide to host a sit-down dinner, give guests 2-3 options for their main dishes to adhere to any dietary restrictions. Whether you are offering finger foods or a full dinner, use elegant platters and place settings and make sure you have options. 

8.  Serve a Mix of Cocktails 

Let’s face it, everyone loves a good drink, and it is especially true when it comes to parties. Incorporating mixed drinks and cocktails during the course of the night will allow your guests the opportunity to loosen up and have a great time by being more open to sharing stories and experiences. You can create a punchbowl concoction of your own, host an open bar or hire a mixologist to serve personalized drinks. Just make sure you have both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages available. 

9.  Organize Group Activities

A party can offer more than dancing and food — you can also organize group activities and games. Games are an excellent way to get your guests to relax and learn more about each other. Taboo or trivia games and charades are classic games that will help promote group participation and even a little competition. If you want to have more carefree fun, try karaoke or a dance contest. Karaoke allows your guests to step out of their comfort zone in a friendly environment and bond over songs that they can shout at the top of their lungs. It will give your guest exciting memories that they can cherish forever! Google party games to gather additional ideas for ice breakers and group games. 

Use these nine suggestions to take your party to the next level so you can host an unforgettable night. 



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