There are so many elements involved in planning a wedding. When you begin to think about wedding entertainment, you are walking into a process that can be very easy or super challenging. The internet has made it extremely easy to search and find thousands of vendors and service providers; however, finding a vendor online and working with a vendor has its differences. Entertainment companies provide a level of service and expertise that exceeds a Google search – and we are not just saying this because we are a full-service agency. Through our experience, couples have a better planning experience when hiring an entertainment company. 

There are intricacies within the talent booking space that, when undetected or overlooked, can eventually wreak havoc on your special day. You are already about to endure a process that often takes anywhere from six months to two years to plan and involves countless hours of phone calls and emails. It could be vital to your vision, budget, and mental health to rally in help where you can. 

Keep reading to learn five reasons why you should hire an entertainment company for your wedding and how it will benefit you during one of your life’s most unforgettable moments. 

Seamless Performance and Event Expertise

What do couples, vendors, and guests have in common? They usually rate a wedding experience by its ability to run smoothly throughout the whole event. In order to accomplish the challenging feat of running a seamless wedding, you need expert vendors that can deliver top-tier service. Of those vendors, you must have professional entertainers who have experience. The only way to do that is by hiring a professional entertainment company specializing in managing professional talent. For starters, a professional entertainment company will have enough experience to know how vital it is to ask you questions that will help them hire the performers that fit the vision for your wedding. For example, suppose you and your fianceé want to hire a band that can play Top 40 music but has the experience to add big band music to the setlist. In that case, an entertainment company will know how to filter through its various bands to hire a band that leans more towards your preferences.

 Another benefit of working with an entertainment company is its ability to guide you through the process of mapping out a timeline. An experienced wedding planner is very capable of creating the overall event timeline; however, when it comes to timing the special dances or playing music that makes an impact at different times of the night, you need to work with professionals who can offer suggestions and sometimes even push back (when needed). There are several ways to maximize the value of your live band or entertainment, and our first suggestion is always to use a professional entertainment company. 

Access to World-Class Entertainers

Beyond mapping out the logistics, an entertainment company usually has access to world-class entertainers. You will benefit from hiring professional and experienced entertainers who have specialized talents. We can personally attest to the benefits of booking world-class entertainers. Many of the Entertainment Exchange acts have been trained for years and are multi-talented performers. Our staff has GrammyⓇ-nominated musicians, world-renown magicians and illusionists, and former TV child star performers.

There is a vast difference between hiring people who may enjoy music and entertainment versus those who perform and entertain as a living. A professional company will hire full-time professionals and groom novice performers to help them reach a level of excellence to ensure that all clients get the best experience. 

Ensure No Key Detail is Overlooked

Paying attention to key details is the determining factor in making your wedding stand out. Outside of booking bands and DJs, many entertainment companies have access to vendors that provide other essential services like lighting, photo booths, string quartets, and dancers. Hiring vendors that provide these services help you to dive into showing off your personality and making your wedding unique and unforgettable. 

There is also a great chance you may be offered discounted pricing if you “bundle” service vendors, especially vendors that can provide more than one service. For instance, most bands are hired to play during the reception and employ a sound engineer to support the band. If you need A/V (audio and visual) equipment for your ceremony (think microphones for the officiant), you can book the sound engineer to come a little earlier and provide you with sound support. In instances where this happens, the entertainment company can offer you discounted pricing on the ceremony sound support because the engineer (in most cases) would have been onsite setting up for the reception. By going the professional route, you could save money in the end, after all. 

Professional companies work with other professional companies, and if you want to maintain a level of excellence across the board, it is wise to hire an entertainment company. If an entertainment company does not directly employ additional vendors (e.g., caterers, designers), after years of experience, most vendors establish relationships with other professional companies, which creates a synergy that is beneficial to clients. These vendor relationships help to create a cohesive wedding experience that will bring each client’s vision to life. 

Take Away Unwanted Stress

Wedding planning involves several moving parts, and it is easy for anyone to become overwhelmed. While you may need to be overly involved at the beginning of the planning process, your only responsibility should be to soak up every memorable second and be with your loved ones on your wedding day. You can rest assured that the right entertainment company will ensure everything stays on schedule. If anything goes wrong, the vendors and managers will have experience in troubleshooting, so you will not have to panic or worry. In most cases, you may not even know an issue arrived until after the event. Hire an entertainment company to remove unnecessary stress and help you enjoy your special day. 

Let Your Friends and Family Enjoy Your Wedding Day with You

Your wedding day is the best day of your life so enjoy it with your family and friends! Working with a professional entertainment company means you will get to spend that extra (and precious) time with your loved ones. Professional entertainment companies specialize in creating moments that involve your loved ones. How great would it be to work with an agency band that will allow your brother to play his guitar along with the band during your first dance? Or work with a photographer that will capture the best moments of your family and friends having a great time on the dance floor?

Wedding professionals have experience creating and capturing moments that will last a lifetime – moments you may not have ever thought about incorporating into your wedding. Leave the work to a professional entertainment company with the resources and experience to make your wedding the best it can be.  


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