5 Best DJs for High School Dances in Washington DC Metro

When it comes to booking a DJ for your event (high school dance, prom, formal, etc.), we have the perfect DJs that will keep the party going all night. Look no more! We have compiled the ideal list of five of our best DJs in the Washington DC Metropolitan area. All of them specialize in youthful events bringing energy, enthusiasm, and all the top hits. Not to worry, parents, these DJs are extremely professional and will be keeping the songs PG. Check out our DJs and we’re excited to celebrate your occasion!

DJ Brandon

Focused on making the room come alive, DJ Brandon is a perfect choice for a school dance. He has worked with all different kinds of events, specializing in music choice and lighting selection. Paying close attention to the desired ambiance of the room (ranging from little lighting to more than 200 beams of light), Brandon is sure to make your dance the best yet.

DJ Michael

This veteran has had over 25 years of experience in the music industry. Previous clients have recommended DJ Michael highly, as he is an expert at picking music and catering to the audience. He will not overwhelm the crowd by talking too much on the mic, but will make the night about the party and dancing with friends.

DJ Brian

He has been described as passionate about his music and creating an upbeat environment. Over the years, DJ Brian has averaged about 100 performances a year, all executed professionally and flawlessly. He will also customize the music based on your preferences. If you’re looking for a vibrant night of dancing, DJ Brian is for you.

DJ Dom

A disc jockey since age 13, DJ Dom has learned what it takes to mix up songs from his father. With an expert knowledge on all types of music, this DJ is guaranteed to create an energetic atmosphere and a show that runs without kinks. He is more than willing to work with planners to ensure the best night with non-stop jams.

DJ Frank

Want a DJ who has music running through his blood? DJ Frank is your guy. His grandfather started in the music entertainment business, so DJ Frank has known how to please a crowd since he was little. Starting his career as a motivational dancer, he is not only guaranteed to bring culture and rhythm to your party, but he may also make an appearance on the dance floor to bring his moves to the party.

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