2019 EE Talent Band Showcase Series (March 2019)

2019 EE Talent Band Showcase Series


You’re invited to attend the 2019 EE Talent Band Showcase Series. EE Talent will host meet and greets for event planners and clients and guests will have a chance to enjoy live performances by bands like DC Synergy and Keynote!




MARCH 1 – DC TRANSIT BAND AT MD LIVE CASINO March 1 – DC Transit Band at MD Live CasinoMARCH 14 – DC SYNERGY AT EE TALENT SHOWROOM March 12 – Keynote Band at EE Talent ShowroomMARCH 12 – KEYNOTE BAND AT EE TALENT SHOWROOMMarch 14 – DC Synergy at EE Talent Showroom

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