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Why should I hire Entertainment Exchange for my event?

Here are five reasons to hire us for your event:

  1. Experience: We have provided entertainment services for thousands of events in practically every kind of situation: weddings, corporate events, non-profit galas and even Presidential Inaugurals.  This may be your first event and you are faced with a thousand decisions.  We understand and we can help.
  2. Our Artists are the Best: Each artist is carefully vetted before we recommend them to our clients, so you can be sure that our guys are professionals.  Also, our bands are real bands who play together all the time.  Other companies may have great performers at their showcases, but then different singers may show up to play the events.  We provide videos of the actual band members you’ll see at your event.
  3. Purchasing Power: We hire, contract or otherwise buy the services of the most creative talent for our events, and we hire them hundreds of times each year. This means that we will receive a lower price than any particular customer who tries to hire them once for their event. We’ll get you better talent at lower prices.
  4. Integration: We will blend our services into your event as a part of your team or as your sole advisor.  We know practically every producer, planner or hotel event manager, so working as a team is what we do.  Once you make the decision to hire us, you can relax.
  5. Your Success: Our success is due to our team of event professionals who work every day to fulfill our clients’ dreams at their events.  And we have thousands of happy customers who sing our praises.  We listen, we offer suggestions, and we then make sure all of the details are handled.  In short, we make you look good.  Our brochures say that we provide event services, but what we really provide our clients is confidence.  You have a thousand decisions to make, and we can help you with most of them.  I guess you can say that your success is our success.

Why should I use Entertainment Exchange instead of hiring directly or online?

A web site can make any company look great, and like they have lots of experience. And, the internet will allow you to find an overwhelming number of artists. But can you tell the good from the great? Or the bad from the good? You won’t be able to tell from the web sites, which all look pretty good.

So here are some things to consider when considering booking directly from an artist or directory:

  • Experience: How long have they been in business? How many events have they managed?
  • What If?: What if something really unforeseen happens to the band? What is their plan for a last minute emergency? Do they have understudies (trained personnel who can step in on a moment’s notice) if a band member gets sick? Do they provide 24 hour emergency service?
  • Vetting: Even if a band looks great at their audition, how do you know it will be those singers or performers who will see at your event? Our artists are vetted for more than a year when we consider them for our bands. They are mentored through many of our bands as understudies before we place them in their permanent music positions.

We are project managers, we handle details and we handle events all day, every day. This is not a hobby or part-time effort for us. It’s all we do. We are a consortium of musicians with lots of experience helping real people find real entertainment for their events. You can call us, text us or chat with us on-line.

So, while this may seem to be getting easier to buy talent, you may be taking more risk by buying on-line. There are many services that we provide to our artists and performers, which you may not see directly.

  • We are the human resources department to each artist and client we work with. If someone gets sick and can’t make a performance, we have lots of back-up performers who can step in on a moment’s notice. Also, if a performer is replaced from a band or show, we are always in the decision team to hire their replacement so that the quality of an act remains the same…the best.
  • Next, we have lots of back-up for each act. We maintain a list of the top performers and most creative rising stars to offer to our clients. This is a huge help to our artists and to you, our clients. Finally, we provide financing to the most promising artists with whom we work.
  • We underwrite the success of our artists by helping with their promotional material; and even lend them money for equipment or other operational needs.

We believe that our reputable (bonded in the state of Maryland by the Division of Labor and Industry), is still your best choice because we are very careful in selecting acts to represent to its clients. While it is true that you may be able to find independent performers on the net, most of the top talent and best performers choose to be represented by an expert, allowing them to focus on their art, and us to focus on the business of their art.

We make it easy for you. With our Knowledge and Experience, we make sure you get the best Price and Protection with the maximum Convenience.

An experienced agent knows the talent personally and will only recommend those acts that are a good reflection on the company and a good match with your needs. We want you to be satisfied so you’ll tell all of your friends and associates to call us too. In the entertainment field right now many artists are struggling and hungry for work. Many have a tendency to misrepresent their capabilities and talents in order to secure a date. You may be asking all the right questions but how will you know if you’re getting the truthful answers before it’s too late. We’ve heard of artists agreeing to provide continuous music only to insist on additional charges upon arrival. Or we’ve heard about acts saying that they will play certain musical styles and then showing up without being able to play them. Only an expert agent who has some history with the acts and who is backed by the power to offer more work in the future will be able to handle these situations and prevent such problems by negotiating effectively on your behalf.

We write thousands of contracts and, therefore, we carry a lot of clout with our exclusive acts, independent acts, as well as other agencies’ acts. As a one-time buyer, some independent acts may not be as open and forthright with you as they would be with an agency that books them many times each year.

An agency will get you the best price. All reputable independent entertainers and agencies offer their bands at the same price. Agencies do not add a commission to a band’s price, but rather the bands offer themselves at a lower net price to the agency to compensate for their marketing, sales and promotion expenses. So, a $4,000 band is that price whether you contact them directly or through a cooperating agency.

With a state bonded agency you, the buyer, are protected as your deposit for the entertainment is held in escrow until after your entertainer performs. Your protection is the aim of the agent.

An agency can streamline the process and save you time. Instead of making numerous calls on your own and following up you have only one point of contact. You receive all information on options for your ceremony, cocktails and reception, production, video, photos, etc. all from one source.

By selecting a state-bonded agency like the Entertainment Exchange, you will receive topnotch, professional service without paying any additional costs. It’s a win-win.

It all comes down to TRUST
Since 1994, we have the opportunity to work with over 46,000 people and their events, their hopes, their dreams, their preferences and their concerns. Thousands of people over many years constitute our fan and followers. We want you to be one too!