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We are devoted to helping you create the wedding of your dreams. Choose from our wedding planning services or focus on our exciting wedding bands, party DJs, ensembles, lighting and more.

It’s not just a wedding…It’s your wedding! Entertainment Exchange has a host of services for all the events leading up to your dream day, from the engagement party all the way through the day-after brunch and every activity in between.

For these once-in-a-lifetime occasions, we offer a comprehensive set of event planning resources. Entertainment Exchange entertainers will set the perfect mood for your event, intimate or grand. We represent DC area A-list performers in every genre—DJs, string quartets, jazz bands, soloists, and cover bands, just to name a few. As full-service music booking agents, we also will connect all varieties of talented and experienced event professionals in the Washington and Baltimore metropolitan areas. From audiovisual equipment, photography, and videography to comprehensive party rentals, our specialists will help you select, plan, and organize every detail.

Below are just a few of the options for entertainment that we can provide for each step of your wedding celebration.

Wedding Music

Engagement Party – An elegant party at a hotel to a backyard bash at home, your engagement party gets the word out that you’re getting married. It’s a magical time to share the good wishes with loved ones and friends alike. Often a cocktail party, an informal dinner or barbecue, your engagement party sets the stage for events to follow. So consider a Live Combo, a Digital Band, Soloist or DJ to liven up the party. Or consider our interactive Hi-tech Jukebox that you can run for yourself. Ask us how. We’ll help get the party started.

Rehearsal Dinner – Entertain your guests from the first event forward. It is never too soon to make guest smile with the music of the day. Even though the purpose of the night is to practice the line up, you may want to give the wedding party a taste of things to come. Choose a Soloist or Jazz Band to play elegant background music, Digital Band to play a variety music, a DJ to play a little of everything or a band to make the dinner an event. We also have a cool interactive Hi-tech Jukebox that you can rent and operate yourself.

Wedding Ceremony Music

Wedding Ceremony – Elegant music to lead the way is often the way to start the day for your guests. Select a Classical Ensemble to announce you down the aisle. Or, if you request other contemporary music, perhaps a pianist, soloist and other live musicians will be to your taste. And if you simply must hear an original rendition at your ceremony, perhaps a DJ is best. We’ll match the music to your style so you can have your day your way. We will gladly provide the entertainment for a commitment ceremony as well.

Instrumental Wedding Music

Cocktail Reception – After the ceremony, you’ll be taking photos and busily handling needed tasks. Your guests will be waiting, so let’s entertain them. Nice appetizers, drinks aplenty, and music will set the mood. Elegant background music will help the newly joined families and friends move the party to the next level. Choose a Soloist or Jazz band to play elegant background music, Digital Band to play a variety music, a DJ to play a little of everything or a band to make the dinner an event. We also have a cool interactive Hi-tech Jukebox that you can rent and operate yourself. Or call us to discuss more ideas.

Wedding Reception Music

Wedding Reception – Whether small and intimate or the event of the year, your wedding reception is a reflection of your style, your personality and your way of entertaining. A wedding reception is a rare event unlike any party you’ve hosted. And the music has to be right for you, your guests and the day.

We’ll help you select the music and the artist to set the mood and help you and your guests swing into action. It’s not just a choice between a band and a DJ anymore. Event elements such as the number of guests, size of the event space and budget considerations have evolved new ways of entertaining your guests. Select the Band of your dreams, the right DJ, Digital Band, or even a low key soloist or combo to fill your senses, touch your emotions and celebrate the most important day of your life.

Wedding Entertainment

Day-After Brunch – The wedding may be over, the party is just starting. Celebrate in style your final day-after brunch with the people who mean so much to you. This send-off can be a low-key breakfast or a grand celebration. Either way, simple but elegant music can help ease people on their way with a song in their heart and a rendition of your first dance in their head. Select a Soloist, Jazz combo, a DJ, a Jazz combo or a Digital Band to send just the right final message.

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Wedding Bands – View wedding bands performing a variety of musical selections including Motown, Soul, Funk, R&B, Jazz, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, Jewish Wedding Music and current dance hits.

Wedding DJs – View Wedding Disc Jockey’s who use the latest equipment to deliver energetic entertainment and emcee capabilities along with almost any song imaginable to your wedding.

Wedding Ensembles – Select this category if you’re looking for a pianist, string quartet, violinist, harpist, jazz trio, duo, Latin or any form of classical wedding music

Production – Don’t forget the lighting, staging and design elements. These are frequently overlooked but can make the difference between a good and great event. We also offer package deals with our partner photographers, videographers, etc. so be sure to browse through our complete offerings of production services.