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Whether you are hosting an imitate gathering, wedding, or grand gala, Entertainment Exchange’s talented musical ensembles will set the perfect mood for your special event. The diverse repertoire of Entertainment Exchange’s musicians (including classical, Broadway tunes,smooth jazz and even current and classic pop and rock) offer the versatility and sounds to best suit your venue. Ranging from large ensembles to soloists, we have an attractive selection for any budget. Entertainment Exchange represents only the best in the Washington and Baltimore metropolitan areas.

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 (2)
I've been djing and into music production for about 15 years. I've ...

DJ Adam

 (19)
Music is a catalyst for emotions, a marker of time, and an entity ...

Karen Carbone

Take your party to the next level - kick up the evening with a hora ...

Alain Nu - Mentalist

 (3)
Throughout his entire life, Alain Nu, The Man Who Knows, has been ...

DJ Zack

 (1)
HI I'm DJ Zack, I'm a guy who has a day job but love music. Having ...

DJ Anthony

 (1)
DJ Anthony is one of the latest acts in the DC area and he brings ...

DJ Frank

 (3)
What you don’t know about Frank is that he comes from a ...

DJ Heather

 (1)
Coming to music by way of the high fashion industry, Heather ...

DJ Dario

 (10)
Dario has entertained brides and their husbands at more than 200 ...

DJ Reynolds

 (1)
Reynolds is an extremely versatile DJ who is very talented at ...